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Looking for a reliable supplier of canned anchovies? Torg is the ultimate destination for all your buying needs. Our platform provides an extensive selection of high quality canned anchovies sourced from verified b2b suppliers throughout Europe, including Spain, Italy and other Mediterranean countries. We offer competitive prices and unparalleled customer service to ensure you get exactly what you need.

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Suppliers from the Best Anchovy Sources

  1. Spain: The Mediterranean coast of Spain is one of the best-known sources for anchovies. Local fishermen have been catching and preserving these small fish for centuries, with generation after generation perfecting the process. Spain's anchovy industry is particularly well known for its quality, using traditional methods to ensure that each catch is flavorful and preserved in the best way possible. With Torg, businesses can easily find reliable suppliers for canned anchovies from this region.
  2. Italy: Italy is renowned for its seafood dishes and a major contributor to this selection includes anchovies – both fresh and canned varieties. Italy’s coastal cities are home to many fishing fleets devoted to harvesting these fish in abundance, making them a popular choice among Italian cuisine aficionados around the world. Whether buying bulk or private label product, Torg helps buyers find reliable Italian suppliers who specialize in canned anchovies with consistent quality.
  3. Portugal: Portugal has long been associated with excellent seafood products thanks to its close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and rich fishing history. One such product that Portugal is well known for is canned anchovies – hailing from several different areas along its coastline including Porto Santo Stefano, Setubal, Cascais, Aveiro and Lisbon itself. With Torg buyers can quickly source high quality Portuguese canned anchovies while having access to pricing information and supplier reviews at their fingertips.
  4. Morocco: Morocco has some of North Africa's most productive fisheries – providing an abundance of delicious seafood including sardines and mackerel but also popularly canned anchovies as well! Located at the crossroads between Europe and Africa, Moroccan anchovy producers have an established reputation worldwide due to their commitment to quality assurance processes as well as ethical practices when it comes to sourcing fish responsibly from non-depleted stocks in Morocco’s coastal waters. With Torg buyers have direct access to Moroccan suppliers who can provide excellent quality canned anchovies sourced from local waters at competitive prices!

Nutritional Usage of Canned Anchovies

  1. Nutritional benefits: Canned anchovies are high in protein, omega-3 fatty acids and calcium. They are also a good source of vitamins A, B6 and K. These small fish have a strong flavor, making them an excellent addition to many dishes. Additionally, canned anchovies contain low levels of mercury, so they can be consumed safely by adults and children alike.

Supply Chain Issues Surrounding Canned Anchovies

  1. Overharvesting & Climate Change: The supply of canned anchovies has been affected by the overfishing of small fish species, leading to a decreased harvest rate and in turn, a decrease in supplies. This is particularly pertinent in the Mediterranean region due to its high reliance on small fish species for food production. Additionally, climate change has resulted in changes in ocean temperatures and currents which can further reduce access to certain fish supplies. B2B suppliers sourcing canned anchovies must take into account these factors when managing their supply chain.
  2. Ethical Sourcing Practices: Ethical sourcing practices have become increasingly important for supplying canned anchovies as a growing number of consumers pay attention to where their food products are coming from. It is important that buyers ensure they are dealing with ethical suppliers who provide sustainable fishing practices and comply with regulations on things like minimum size limits and fishing quotas. Private label manufacturers should be aware of these issues when looking for sources of canned anchovies to guarantee quality products that meet consumer demands.