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Are you looking for a reliable b2b wet cat food supplier? Look no further than Torg! Our web application has an immense selection of products, including wet cat food from wholesalers and private labels all over Europe and the Mediterranean. We provide our customers with fast access to relevant suppliers and all kinds of deals. Save time with Torg’s easy-to-use product requests feature to find the perfect match for your business needs.

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pet factory srl logo
Pet factory srl
Pet Factory is a company founded in 2009, specializing in the production, import, and distribution of pet products. They offer a wide range of products such as premium and super premium dry and wet food, accessories, and toys for both cats and dogs. With a focus on quality, they provide top brands and new products for your furry friends. Meet their dedicated team and explore their history on their website. Explore their catalog for 2023 and discover popular brands like Miau Miau, Desire, Pure Dog, and more. Love for animals drives us! Quality products for your beloved pets.
Cat litter
Wet cat food
Wet dog food
Romania CTPark Bucharest North, Building B3, Afumati village, Romania - bucharest
c&d foods logo
C&d foods
C&D Foods has always held family at the heart of the business. It was founded in 1969 in Edgeworthstown, County Longford, by Albert Reynolds. With family comes a sense of responsibility, and a commitment to sustainable growth that has seen that Edgeworthstown pet food business blossom into one of the largest private label pet food manufacturers in Europe. These days C&D Foods offers manufacturing facilities and sales offices in 14 locations across Europe, with 1,500 employees driving excellence and innovation in pet food. We might be a little larger than Albert’s first production site, but we know he’d recognise the same values and integrity in our operations today.
Pet food ingredients
Dry cat food
Dry pet food
Wet pet food
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Ireland Marlinstown Business Park Block B, Floor 3 - Mullingar
Certificates: All
perfect companion group logo
Perfect companion group
Perfect Companion Group aims to enrich the quality of life of both human and pets. We are constantly improving our products to meet the industry standards. we can ensure that our products and services are of high quality. We believe that our goods and services will create an even greater bond between you and your pets.
Dry dog food
Pet foods
Wet cat food
Dry cat food
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Thailand 1 Empire Tower South Sathorn, Yannawa, Sathorn - Bangkok
Certificates: All
Cambrian Petfoods Ltd. logo
Cambrian petfoods ltd.
United Petfood is a private label producer of high-quality dry & wet pet food, biscuits, and snacks. With 25 years of experience, they offer exclusive recipes, tailored to the specific needs of dogs and cats worldwide. Their range includes a complete selection of pet food made entirely in-house, ensuring the highest quality products. Additionally, they focus on sustainability to minimize their environmental impact throughout the entire supply chain. Partner with United Petfood for premium, customized pet nutrition solutions that go beyond production to establish long-lasting partnerships.
Dry dog food
Dry cat food
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United Kingdom Tywi Valley Food Park Station Road - Llangadog
Certificates: All

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