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Salvest as
Salvest is a domestic food producer operating near Tartu. Since 1946, Salvest has been working to ensure that everyone can make our products easily and conveniently for themselves and their families. Raw material that grows within a 100 km radius. We get most of our raw materials very, very close, even within a 100 km radius. In our 32,000 m2 complex of production buildings, warehouses and auxiliary facilities, nearly 200 people work for good food, many of whom have been doing this work for 20-30 years. We stand for good continuity and traditions - this is the only way we can be 100% sure of the quality of the products. Traditional and ever-changing.The assortment of the store is very wide - pickled cucumbers, fried cabbage, canned soups, children's food, jams and sauces. And that's not all, because in addition to everything, we also have smoothies in our selection. There are nearly 200 different products in the product range - quite a lot! Moreover, we have been preparing many of them according to the same recipe for several decades. At the same time, we also add new flavors to the selection every season. As mentioned, we value tradition, but at the same time there can never be too much choice, so we evolve and grow every day. Quality is important to us and it is also confirmed by the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate awarded to us and the IFS certificate of the international food safety standard.
Fruit smoothies
Ready meals
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Estonia Araküla Tee 3 - Tartu
Certificates: All
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Madison sp zoo
We are the most flexible drink company in Europe, based in Poland Our group joint together resorces , to provide more flexible services to our customers across Europe Two of them are drink bottling and drink canning plants with HACAP or ISO accreditation, Halal and Kosher available if required. 1 Diet supplement - development and production plant 1 Laboratory- where we develop drink recipes and other products recipes. Madison beleve in young new specialis in development field and in 2019 we decided to start co- opeartion with Universyty of Lublin and move our laboratory at the camp, so new young engineers in food and drink technology can lern and build their skills. 1 Co - packing plant ( 4 packs - boxing services and shrink wrap services ) Madison Group is a European leader in beverage development- production and consulting partner in reagrds drink canning, bottling & co-packing services with over 20 years of experience. What type of drinks we develop: Juice based drinks Coctails Sparkling drinks Vegan milks and drinks Sport and nutrition drinks Alcoholic beverages Non alcoholic beverages We offer complete service from starting the new recipe of the drink with production- confection and delivery of the ready product across Europe
Dietary drink for sport
Alcoholic beverage
Dietary supplements
Sparkling wine
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Poland Ul. Wojciechowska 9A 20-704 - Lublin
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VIVIO - for the love of healthy food! Vivio appeared on the market in 2014 as a result of the passion for natural products and the need to promote a healthy lifestyle. Experience and high quality are the features that define our brand. We offer high-quality products. These are, e.g. nuts, seeds, dried fruits and nuts, herbs and spices, groats and flours, teas, oils and oils as well as dietary supplements. We sell retail, wholesale and sell raw materials in bulk. Our online store has many regular and trusted customers. The vast majority of our products come from manufacturers and direct imports, thanks to which we can offer very competitive prices. We work with many Polish and European companies on a daily basis. With great passion and love for healthy food, we make sure that only the best products reach the Polish and foreign markets. We are also authorized to sell organic food. The scope of certification includes: packaging, labeling, marketing of ecological products and the provision of subcontracting services in the field of packaging, packaging and labeling of loose products. We have introduced BIO products to the offer under the Vibio brand. Organic food is controlled throughout the production process, its production is carried out with care for the natural environment, it is free of GMOs and synthetic fertilizers. All this, in accordance with our message, contributed to the creation of the Vibio brand. However, Vivio is not only products, it is primarily people. A group of committed people with similar principles who, thanks to continuous cooperation, despite the obstacles and difficulties encountered, always ensure that the products are of the highest quality, the information about the products is clear and truthful, and the delivery is fast and efficient. We are constantly observing the changing market of healthy food, we listen carefully to our customers, thanks to which we can meet your expectations with newer products and better solutions. We know that to maintain full health and well-being, in addition to proper nutrition, physical activity is necessary. That is why we became a sponsor of the Vivio Football Academy. We believe that what we teach our children will stay with them forever, and that sport and healthy eating will only be good for them. Together, let's show the youngest how to live a healthy life and what benefits come from it. Vivio is a place where you can find high-quality, unrefined products, free from unnecessary additives and irreplaceable in maintaining a balanced diet, and thus full of health, well-being and satisfaction. All this at possibly low, competitive prices and the highest, proven quality.
Other dried fruits
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Poland ul. Chopina 8A - Brzozów
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Polimark offers a wide range of food products including sauces, dressings, spreads, margarine, cream, and beverages. With a focus on quality and taste, Polimark also provides entertaining games, interesting videos, and delicious recipes on their website. Explore Polimark for a delightful culinary experience!
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