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Torg is the perfect b2b destination for you if you are looking for high-quality tomato sauce suppliers. Our large selection of products includes all types of tomato sauces such as ketchup, garlic, marinara, romesco, pesto and many more! Whether you are looking to source bulk supplies or private label products, we have manufacturers from across Europe and the Mediterranean that can provide exactly what you need.

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Delicious Ways to Use Tomato Sauce

  1. Italian Dishes:
    Tomato sauce can be used in a variety of recipes to add some extra flavor. From classic Italian dishes like lasagna and spaghetti to more creative dishes such as stuffed peppers or a tomato-based pizza, the possibilities are endless! This is why it's an essential ingredient in any kitchen and especially for b2b suppliers and wholesalers who are looking to source tomato sauce from Europe, Italy, or the Mediterranean.
  2. Alfredo Sauce:
    Tomato sauces can also be mixed with other ingredients for an even more delicious result! For example, making a creamy Alfredo sauce by combining heavy cream and tomato sauce is a great way to add some rich flavor to your favorite pasta dish. It's also perfect for private label suppliers who want to offer something unique and flavorful at restaurants or supermarkets.
  3. Slow Cooker Meals:
    Another tasty way to use tomato sauce is by incorporating it into a slow cooker meal. Simply combine all your ingredients - like ground beef, diced tomatoes, vegetables - into the slow cooker and let it simmer all day long until the flavors meld together perfectly. Whether you're sourcing wholesale or private label products from Italy or Spain, this type of meal will never disappoint!

Packaging Options

  1. Bottle Packaging:
    Bottle packaging is an efficient and reliable method for preserving the quality of tomato sauce products. Bottles are widely used in b2b settings due to their convenience, range of sizes, and cost-effectiveness. Suppliers often offer custom logo labeling services to create private label bottles for buyers seeking unique branding options. With bottle packaging, b2b buyers can easily purchase tomato sauces in bulk quantities, making it a popular option among wholesale purchasers.
  2. Pouch Packaging:
    Pouch packaging provides a lightweight and versatile solution for transporting tomato sauce products. This type of packaging is durable, easy to store, and suitable for both wet and dry ingredients. B2B buyers looking to purchase sauces in bulk can opt for pouch packaging as it takes up less space than other forms of packaging such as bottles or cans. Additionally, suppliers may offer customizable options with customized colors, logos, materials and sizes tailored specifically to the buyer's needs.
  3. Canning:
    Canning is another popular form of tomato sauce product packaging used by many suppliers across the globe. Cans provide excellent protection against spoilage while also keeping the contents fresh for extended periods of time without refrigeration or preservatives. Cans are also great at protecting against leakage during shipping which makes them a great choice for international orders when sourcing from faraway locations such as Europe or Mediterranean countries.

Recent Supply Chain Issues in Tomato Sauce

  1. Unsustainable Agricultural Practices:
    The unsustainable agricultural practices that are used to cultivate tomatoes for sauce manufacturing can have a devastating environmental impact. These practices, such as monocropping, strip the land of its natural resources and lead to soil erosion and water loss. Additionally, some farmers use pesticides which can pollute the surrounding ecosystems.
  2. Poor Working Conditions:
    Tomato farms in countries such as Spain and Italy often operate under poor working conditions, with migrants and locals alike being exposed to long hours and hazardous materials without adequate access to healthcare or protection from abuse. This type of exploitation has been made worse by globalized food markets, where tomato sauce is often sourced from suppliers with lower labor standards and cost savings.
  3. Contamination Risks:
    The transport process for tomato sauce can pose various risks of contamination if not properly managed. During transportation, sauces may come into contact with other ingredients or unclean surfaces which could cause bacterial or chemical contamination that could make consumers sick. Moreover, improper storage temperatures can cause the growth of harmful bacteria over time.

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