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Are you searching for high quality gummy products? Look no further than Torg – the leading B2B marketplace for food products. We offer an immense selection of bulk gummies from Europe, Spain and Italy with sourcing, private label and wholesale options. Our suppliers are carefully selected to ensure only the best quality and prices are available to our customers. Whether you're looking for a quick snack or a unique solution for your business, you will find it here at Torg!

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nordmann nutrition ltd logo
Nordmann nutrition ltd
Nordmann is a leading multinational chemical distributor that specializes in the worldwide distribution of natural and chemical raw materials, additives, and specialty chemicals. They offer a wide range of highquality raw materials and specialty chemicals sourced from top manufacturers, catering to various industries such as adhesives, agriculture, coatings, electronics, healthcare, and more. With their expertise in application technology and industry knowledge, Nordmann provides solutions for almost all manufacturing and processing industries. Contact them for quality products and expert advice.
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United Kingdom - - -
zaklady produkcyjne bigaj logo
Zaklady produkcyjne bigaj
Bigaj Production Plants - a group of family businesses which specialize in: contract manufacturing; raw materials trade; confectionery food products; technology advisory services; production advisory services; marketing advisory services. Our business is comprehensive and multi-faceted. We provide support in almost all areas of product development, from creating the concept and developing recipes, through obtaining all the necessary raw materials, selection of packaging, production, to the product introduction into the market. The network of our business contacts that we have achieved since the Company’s establishing, enables us to obtain components for production which are most difficult to obtain. In our cooperation with the Customers according to the Private Label model, we also remember about product/market fit. We build our business relations based on mutual trust, as we believe that only in this way can they be long lasting and mutually profitable. In our striving for applying most up-to-date solutions, we do not forget traditional values and high ethical standards.
Almond butter
Nut butter
Hazelnut spreads
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Poland Wiejska 52 - Krynica Zdrój
Certificates: All
Wycam's Produkten NV logo
Wycam's produkten nv
Products: sugar confectionery Eucalyptus sweets/eucalyptus and menthol sweets Fruit flavoured boiled sweets Cough drops Coffee sweets Caramel sweets Peppermint sweets/balls Product emphasis: sugar confectionery
Functional chocolate
Belgium Europark-Oost 16, 9100 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium - Sint-Niklaas
Matthijs B.V. logo
Matthijs b.v.
Matthijs is a family-owned candy manufacturer established in 1920, now a leading sweet treats producer with a diverse range of confectionery. Their century-long expertise and traditional recipes set them apart in the market, offering a wide selection of delicious candies, including unique stock items like various sweets and 18+ novelty candies. Matthijs recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, known for quality sweets such as the famous Manneke Pis drops and newer additions like the refreshing Mannekes candy line.
Gummy cola bottles
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Netherlands Wattweg 3 - Hoogerheide
Certificates: All

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