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Looking for quality Fruit Chocolate? Look no further than Torg! As a b2b marketplace, we specialize in connecting buyers with the best suppliers across Europe, Mediterranean, Spain and Italy. Our extensive product selection includes everything from Olive Oil to Paella to Vitamin mixes. Whether you're looking for wholesale or private label options, Torg has what you need.

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Find the perfect b2b fruit chocolate for your business in Europe and the Mediterranean at Torg. Browse our wide selection of wholesale suppliers for private label sourcing, including top brands from Spain and Italy. From decadent dark chocolate with dried figs to creamy white chocolate with raspberries, we have every variation of fruit chocolate you can imagine. Don't miss out on this delicious opportunity!

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lovechock bv logo
Lovechock bv
Products: chocolate, chocolate products Dark chocolate/Dark cream chocolate Capuccino chocolate Superior dark chocolate/Superior full-milk chocolate Coconut chocolate Almond praline / Hazelnut praline chocolate Hazelnut milk chocolate Small bar of chocolate White chocolate Flavoured white chocolate Dark (semi-sweet) chocolate Fruit chocolates (pineapple, apple, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, orange) Hazelnut chocolates Chocolate bars, filled/solid Sugar-free chocolate Sugar-reduced chocolate Lactose-free chocolate Product emphasis: chocolate, chocolate products Trend subjects: Allergy friendly Fair trade Impulse packages Organic Private label reformulated products Sugar free Vegan Target and outlet markets: Australia Brazil Canada China Colombia Japan Mexico Middle East New Zealand Northern Europe Others Central America Others Eastern Europe Others South America South East Asia Southern Europe Türkiye USA Western Europe
Chocolate ice cream bars
Dark chocolates with sweeteners
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Netherlands Asterweg 20, 1031 HN Amsterdam, Netherlands - Amsterdam
Certificates: All
halba logo
Products: chocolate, chocolate products Alpine milk chocolate/Alpine cream chocolate/Alpine full-milk chocolate Dark chocolate/Dark cream chocolate Block chocolate Capuccino chocolate Chocolate with fructose and/or sweeteners/Diet chocolate Superior dark chocolate/Superior full-milk chocolate Fruit chocolate (orange/lemon) Household chocolate/Household milk chocolate Yoghurt chocolate (filled and solid) Cocoa powder, retail packs Instant cocoa powder, retail packs Chocolate crisp Coconut chocolate Creme chocolate Cracknel chocolate Almond chip chocolate Almond cracknel chocolate Almond praline / Hazelnut praline chocolate Almond-hazelnut chocolate Milk chocolate Hazelnut milk chocolate Nougat (Hazelnut praline) chocolate/Nougat cracknel chocolate Nut-brittle chocolate, Nut-nougat chocolate Peppermint chocolate, solid/filled Small bars of peppermint chocolate, solid/filled Puffed-rice chocolate Cream chocolate Alcohol-filled chocolate Small bar of chocolate Full-milk chocolate Full-milk cracknel Full-milk almond chocolate Full-milk mocha chocolate Full-milk hazelnut chocolate Full-milk nut chocolate Full-milk chocolate with whole almond or nuts White chocolate Flavoured white chocolate Dark (semi-sweet) chocolate Dark (semi-sweet) chocolate with whole nuts Dessert chocolates Pralines with fructose and/or sweeteners/Diet pralines Fondant chocolates Yoghurt chocolates Creme chocolates Chocolates coated coffee beans and coffee chocolates,solid/filled Cracknel chocolates Liqueur chocolates Almond chocolates/almond splitz/almond lumps/almond pyramids Mocha beans and mocha chocolates, solid/filled Praline (hazelnut praline) chocolates Creme praline chocolates Hazelnut lumps/hazelnut pyramids/hazelnut chips Hazelnut chocolates Peppermint chocolates Chocolate eggs Christmas tree chocolates Chocolate cornflake crisp (milk/plain) Hollow chocolate figures (also filled chocolate figures) Langues de chat (also filled) Neapolitains Easter chocolate products Chocolate bars, filled/solid Chocolate eggs, solid Chocolate balls, solid/filled Chocolate biscuits Chocolate sprinkles Chocolate sticks, solid/filled Chocolate balls coated in vermicelli Chocolate goods for Christmas Sugar-free chocolate Sugar-reduced chocolate Fat-reduced chocolate Lactose-free chocolate Fine bakery products Bbiscuits assortments/chocolate coated biscuits Cakes Madeleines Muffins Vegan biscuits Lactose-free biscuits Snack foods Cashew nuts Peanuts Hazelnuts Corn snacks Almonds Assorted nuts / assorted nuts and raisins Assorted nuts / tropical fruit and nuts Assorted nuts Pecan nuts Pine nuts Pistachio nuts Popcorn/Puffed-corn/Puffed-rice Walnut kernels Sunflower seeds Lactose-free snack foods Gluten-free snack foods Salt-reduced snack foods Trend Snacks & Natural Snacks Dried fruit and vegetables Energy Snacks Cocoa specialities /drinking chocolate Vegan chocolate Bean to bar chocolate Product emphasis: chocolate, chocolate products Trend Snacks & Natural Snacks Trend subjects: Fair trade Functional Organic Private label Sugar free Vegan Vegetarian Target and outlet markets: Australia Canada China New Zealand Northern Europe Southern Europe USA Outbound: China, Shenzhen │ ANUFOOD China Japan, Tokyo │ ISM Japan UAE, Dubai │ ISM Middle East
Chocolates with praline
Liqueur chocolates
Dark chocolates with almonds
Chocolates with almonds
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Switzerland Salinenstrasse 70, 4133 Pratteln, Switzerland - Pratteln
Certificates: All
maspex logo
Maspex Group is one of the largest food producers in Central and Eastern Europe with sales revenues ca. 1 bln EUR. Company produces fruit and vegetable juices, nectars and drinks, energy drinks, pasta and cereal products, salty and sweet snacks, cappuccino and instant drinks, chocolate dragees, jams, ketchups, sauces, ready meals, etc. Products of the Maspex Group are sold to more than 50 countries worldwide, including Western Europe countries, USA, Canada, China and the Arab Countries. Company portfolio includes strong brands like Tymbark, Kubus, Caprio, Dr Witt, Tiger, Lubella, Malma, Krakus, Łowicz, Kotlin, Włocławek, Salatini, Coffeeta, La Festa. They are undisputed leaders in their categories, they enjoy trust of consumers not only in Poland, but also in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. As well we are Private Label partner for our clients. The main task facing our company, as private label partner, is to match the existing offer or product development to specific needs. In order for our product range to be professionally prepared, the company needs to use the most modern production technologies. Our products are distinguished by excellent quality, which consists of not only the use of the best materials and the use of appropriate technologies, but also the experience and knowledge of people who work on them. By combining the knowledge and experience of sales professionals and technologists, the Maspex Group can offer products of the highest quality standards. In the majority of countries the private label products manufactured by our Company may be found on the shelves in the biggest commercial chains (Biedronka, Lidl, Rewe Group, Kaufland, Tesco, Spar, Aldi, Norma, Carrefour, Edeka, Netto, Metro Group, Eurocash). The highest quality of products has been always the priority for Maspex. Quality systems in Maspex facilities meet IFS quality standards. Company has 13 plants and logistic centers with the target level of 240 ths pallet holding positions.
Dark chocolates
Chocolate sprits biscuits
Stick biscuits covered with chocolate
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Poland -- - Wadowice
Certificates: All
octo chocolate (surovital) logo
Octo chocolate (surovital)
Try to imagine , that the choice of your idea for business is to open an online shop with Superfoods. It all seemed to be very easy at the time-Alas how far were we from reality! All we had to do is buy the raw material and prepack it in retail bags. When you find out, you can not do it in your own kitchen , you go accordingly and rent a suitable place. However if the place you’ve rented is a little too big for your small business naturally you start to think how you can develop your offer. For us the most obvious and organic way was to start the production of chocolate. Indeed the processes of unroasted cocoa beans and coconut blossom sugar which we actually currently have in our assortments , seemed to be so easy to work with. That year was back in 2010 and that same year we learned that our chocolate storry will not be as simple as we thought it might be! The first place which we rented was an old Confectionery workshop measuring exactly 60m2. Our equipment at the time- although basic was perfect for our start up chocolate business. It consisted of our coating pan- made in 1971, our neither younger cooking boiler and the only new piece of equipment our tempering machine.With no experience you can do a lot of things, but when it comes to the food production business- if something isn’t based on the smallest theoretical preparation – doesn?t bode well. Very quickly we realised that we will be in need of help. Starting up a chocolate buisness from scratch wasn’t only about the production. We had to also develope a website, tune in to social media, create an online storeand of corse begin our marketing.The first people we employed were a few members from our families and friends circles. After three years of gainning experience on the market we needed more space. As our team increased our confectionery workshop decreased in space. So we rented the next 600m2 space which demanded a well needed renovation. Working on a bigger scale, made us quickly realise that a higher standard of professional equipment for production will be needed. Therefore we took a bank credit and purchased some more machines! For some people all this old equipment could have been seen as junk , but once renovated by our friends- this was gold to us! Over time change and movement slowly started to destroy the steal pieces in our fully functional machine. For all of us the expansion within the working environoment became significant, making us see and feel the growth of our chocolate factory.
Chocolate biscuits
Dark chocolate with caramel
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Poland ul. Sw. U.Ledóchowskiej 5/18 - Warsawa

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