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For those looking to get their hands on some delicious marshmallows, look no further than Torg – your one-stop shop for all of your marshmallow needs. We feature an extensive selection of top quality marshmallows from around the world, including Europe, Mediterranean, Spain and Italy. Whether you’re looking to buy in bulk or you need a private label product for your business, we’ve got something that will meet your needs. Browse our selection now to find the perfect marshmallows for you!

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A close-up of a colorful pack of Torg brand Marshmallows laying on a wooden table. The packaging features the company's logo and bold letters spelling out the product name. In the background, there are various marshmallow shapes such as stars, hearts, and circles. The pack is surrounded by scattered mini marshmallows in different colors. Perfect for b2b suppliers sourcing bulk orders for private label products in Spain and Italy.

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Jsc "naujasis nevezis"
The secret of the production technology Naujasis Nevezis can generate approximately 1,000 tonnes of production per month and now the company has about 500 different recipes of products. Oho! breakfast cereals are liked by children due to their playful shapes, crunchy texture, and different tastes. Most of the products are enriched with fibre, vitamins, and flavoured with various fillings. Oho! snack line has exceptional technology. The snacks are made of corn, potato flour, lentils, and peas by using extrusion at extremely high temperatures and sprinkling products with oil instead of frying them in it.
Nuts cereal bars
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Lithuania Jiesios g.2 Ilgakiemies - Kauno Raj
Certificates: All
vidal candies logo
Vidal candies
Specialized confectioners since 1963, Vidal Golosinas creates a variety of candies tailored to your taste such as caramels, licorice, and marshmallows. Indulge in our delicious treats by visiting our online store today.Quality confectionery products tailored to your preferences available for purchase online.
Marshmallows coated with chocolate
United Kingdom . - .
Certificates: All
astra sweets logo
Astra sweets
Astra Sweets adds flavour to the confectionery sector. From our plants in Turnhout (BE), Harlingen (NL) and Nijkerk (NL), we bring delight to consumers in over 25 countries with our delicious sweets. We mainly develop and manufacture private label products, but also have a number of strong brands in our portfolio, including Frisia. Within 3 product categories: gums, mallows and UFOs, we capitalise on trends and develop new ones ourselves, in order to give clients every opportunity and to surprise consumers. Innovation, quality and service play a major role in our organisation.
Sugar free
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Poland - - -
Certificates: All
cemoi chocolatier logo
Cemoi chocolatier
cemoi is a proud French chocolatier, continuing a unique expertise, offering a variety of chocolate recipes including chocolate tablets and marshmallow bears. Indulge in the subtle notes of cemoi chocolate and explore their online shop for more French chocolate delights.A proud French chocolatier with a unique expertise, offering a variety of chocolate recipes and products like chocolate tablets and marshmallow bears.
Chocolate ice cream bars
Dark chocolates with sweeteners
Chocolate snacks
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France . - Perpignan

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Fssc 22000

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