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Società agricola angelica
Welcome to Angelica, where the golden essence of Puglia's sun-kissed olive groves is transformed into our exquisite extra virgin olive oil. Nestled in the area of Taranto, Puglia, Angelica stands out for its tradition and quality in the world of agriculture. With a rich history steeped in the ancient art of olive cultivation, our company meticulously manages a network of agricultural estates throughout the region, ensuring that every step of our supply chain reflects our commitment to excellence. From the careful nurturing of olive trees to the precise harvesting and pressing of olives, our process is meticulously monitored to preserve the purity and richness of our oil. Angelica embodies the essence of Puglian olive oil, delivering unparalleled quality and taste. The name "Angelica" pays homage to Angelica Pavone, a figure whose legacy reverberates through the very roots of our olive trees. She not only preserved the rich heritage of our land but also imparted its wisdom to successive generations, laying the foundation for our company's enduring success. Today, at the helm of Angelica, stand Gianmarco and Patrizia, visionary stewards of tradition and innovation. Guided by Angelica's spirit, they have expanded our production while remaining steadfastly rooted in tradition. Their keen insight and unwavering commitment to quality have propelled Angelica to new heights, seamlessly blending the time-honored practices of the past with cutting-edge innovations of the present. Together, Gianmarco and Patrizia continue to uphold Angelica's legacy, ensuring that each bottle of our extra virgin olive oil embodies the essence of our heritage while embracing the possibilities of the future.
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Italy - taranto
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Athena's rose
Athena's Rose Olive Groves The olive groves of Batarlis family are in Ormylia, the oldest settlement in Halkidiki, once called the “Land of the Kings” and chosen by the King of Macedonia, Philip, as the most fertile area of Halkidiki. Ormylia produces ne olive fruits and rare olive oils and hosts the groves of our award-winning products SATIN, SERMYLI, ATHENA'S ROSE BIO. The same olive groves have been giving special extra virgin olive oils for about 200 years, with our dedication and love. Our goal is to introduce these oils to the Greek and international market, feeling that the time has come to give them a name and let them travel the world. As a result, we launched “Athena's Rose-The Olive Brand”, a vision of the new generation, combining our love for soil and tradition with modern cultivation techniques and know-how.
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Greece -
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Tab green line srl
Once upon a time there was a farm where a family lived…despite the beginning this is not a fable but a real story that has its origins in the first years of the XIX century and carries all traditions of Piedmontese cuisine. In the past 1944, indeed, granddad got married and with grandma bought a farm and a small field next to the house where he used to live with his parents. Although he was young he devotionally started to take care of a little vegetable garden where green plants of tomatoes, luxuriant sprigs of parsley, resistant grapevines and many other types of vegetables started to grow soon giving their most delicious fruit. Some time later the family multiplied and in a short period the farm expanded so that there were much hungrier family mouths to feed along with the helpers who worked in the plantations and took care of cattle. Grandma, a strong and dynamic woman, besides helping granddad to administrate the farm had also to feed all those mouths and used to prepare delicious sauces and tasteful delicacies that then became famous all over the region. Grandma, indeed, was used to put into practice what her family handed down from one generation to another: the good Piedmontese cuisine and all the typical recipes of our rural area. While grandma was cooking, granddad went on taking care of the plants in the fields, so to enlarge even more the varieties of vegetables and fruit necessary for his wife to prepare those appetizing recipes. Farm labourers increased to keep on providing the best salad, red and pulpy tomatoes, delicate and tasteful peppers, delectable green courgettes, sweet strawberries, yellow peaches and many other palatable fruit. Grandma used that precious product to prepare accurately her traditional family recipes like the bagna cauda, the Piedmontese hors d’oeuvre, yummy jams and many other dishes that became immediately very popular in the area. She was soon asked to cook her recipes for some noble families in the surroundings, therefore her work intensified and her cuisine became famous and well-known. Nowadays her recipes and traditions were and are employed to prepare the delicacies of our firm. For several years now grandma’s recipes, still hand-written on a little notebook with a leather cover, have been referred to every day following, in the slightest details, all advice of someone who has always carefully loved the healthy and genuine Piedmontese cuisine.
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Italy Via Garetta 40 - Genola (CN)
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Sinercus global synergy sl
in our web you can find much information. We are producers and wholesalres of fine food and beverages, high quality and mediumn quality.
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Spain Cirilo Amoros, 6, 1st floor - valencia

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