The future of sourcing

Torg is digitizing product sourcing to bring buyers and suppliers closer together, applying the power of AI in streamlining procurement processes.

We use smart technology to make it incredibly easy for retail and wholesale buyers to find and connect with 100,000+ verified food & beverage manufacturers in Europe across private label & foodservice categories.

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We have tried it ourselves

  • Bringing 20+ years of global experience in leading companies across e-commerce, food-tech, and consulting, we, Hans Kristian Furuseth, Ben Holdham, and Rita Kerbaj, founded Torg to solve the inefficiencies of the sourcing process. Our experiences at companies like Zalando, Delivery Hero, Just Eat Takeaway, and Farmasiet highlighted the challenges of finding and verifying suppliers for private label and foodservice projects.
  • This drove us to develop a digital, intuitive platform that dramatically improves and simplifies the process, mirroring the ease of e-commerce platforms we previously led. Our goal is to enable buyers and suppliers to focus on their core responsibilities, by leveraging various technologies to streamline otherwise manual and time-intensive work.

The market today

  • Today, food and beverage procurement is offline, inefficient, and manual. Buyers spend countless hours attending fairs, researching, and networking to find suppliers. Only 10% of global suppliers exhibit at fairs.
  • Even when buyers find the right supplier, they spend time verifying and vetting them, initiating the contact and running a structured procurement process.

Change for the better

  • With Torg, buyers can set up a product request in just two minutes and distribute it to hundreds of relevant manufacturers, and streamline otherwise manual and time-intensive work in the sourcing process and communication. This improves business for both buyers and suppliers while saving both time and money as the market gets more transparent and efficient.