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Torg is a b2b marketplace specialized in helping buyers find reliable candy suppliers from around the world. Our marketplace features an extensive selection of products, ranging from chocolate bars to gummy bears, as well as different kinds of sweets, treats and snacks. With our help you can find quality suppliers quickly and conveniently - whether you are looking for bulk orders or private label offers. Explore our categories to easily source the best candy products directly from trusted suppliers across Europe and the Mediterranean region!

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Maas-intersales b.v.
Bernard Maas (41) owner of Maas-Intersales has more than two decades of experience both in food product development and devising new non-food concepts. But he mostly feels at home in the food sector. Bernard Maas started his first food company in 1994 after he finished his study in the food sector. He established several companies in the Netherlands but has also been active in China for more than 15 years. In 2015 he had decided to transfer his own food brand "Nibble Time" and his extensive know-how into a new company named "Maas-Intersales". Import and export is a very familiar terrain for Maas-Intersales. The home market covers the entirety of Western-Europe. In addition to that, Maas-Intersales exports to more than 15 countries worldwide. Maas-Intersales features itself as a dynamic organisation in which the gained knowledge and experience is fully put into service for the customer. Service and quality are just as important as cost control. Maas-Intersales is also a responsible entrepreneur. All its production locations comply with the strictest requirements
Canned vegetables
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Netherlands Kerkhofstraat 21 - HG Valkenswaard
zaklady produkcyjne bigaj logo
Zaklady produkcyjne bigaj
Bigaj Production Plants - a group of family businesses which specialize in: contract manufacturing; raw materials trade; confectionery food products; technology advisory services; production advisory services; marketing advisory services. Our business is comprehensive and multi-faceted. We provide support in almost all areas of product development, from creating the concept and developing recipes, through obtaining all the necessary raw materials, selection of packaging, production, to the product introduction into the market. The network of our business contacts that we have achieved since the Company’s establishing, enables us to obtain components for production which are most difficult to obtain. In our cooperation with the Customers according to the Private Label model, we also remember about product/market fit. We build our business relations based on mutual trust, as we believe that only in this way can they be long lasting and mutually profitable. In our striving for applying most up-to-date solutions, we do not forget traditional values and high ethical standards.
Almond butter
Nut butter
Hazelnut spreads
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Poland Wiejska 52 - krynica zdrój
Certificates: All
gelita health gmbh logo
Gelita health gmbh
Gelita Health offers innovative and effective nutritional supplements with proven benefits for beauty, activity, and quality of life. As a subsidiary of the renowned Gelita AG, a leading manufacturer of bioactive collagen peptides, they provide highest quality products, extensive expertise, and scientific research. Benefit from their made in Germany label and international presence in beauty, mobility, sports nutrition, and private label products. Explore a wide range of delivery forms tailored to your target audience's needs. Embrace sustainability with Gelita's longterm partnership approach. Join their global demand for bioactive collagen peptide products. Innovative and effective nutritional supplements for beauty, activity, and quality of lifeHighest quality products, scientific research, and international presence in beauty, mobility, sports nutrition, and private label products
Candied fruit
Germany - - Eberbach
amapharm gmbh logo
Amapharm gmbh
In Amapharm (1977) our main focus is on quality, private labelling (not selling under our label) and international distribution. We are German based company and we are known for our Vitamin Gummies products and service in pharma industry. We can guarantee every customer that they will receive a unique product according to pharmaceutical quality standards and to maintain this standard we also take care of the worldwide registration. We can offer Catalog products without changes from 3-10k bottles MOQ per SKU or custom formula development from 30-50k bottles MOQ. The in house RD Department allows us to realise various customer ideas and compliment it with pharmaceutical knowledge of our team. As a worlds leader supplier of Vitamins we continuously strive for perfection and will be happy to help you with your project. Please check our Catalog below or go to the website. You can always contact us through provided email.
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Germany - - -
Certificates: All

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