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Are you looking for high-quality lollipops for your business? Look no further than Torg! With our extensive database and organized categories, finding the perfect supplier has never been easier. From classic flavors to unique shapes and sizes, we have it all to meet your specific needs. Our platform offers easy product requests, quote submissions, and browsing options at your convenience. With a focus on sourcing from top suppliers in Spain, Italy, and other European countries, we guarantee top-notch products to elevate your business. Don't settle for just any lollipop supplier - choose Torg for reliable wholesale options with private label opportunities. Upgrade your inventory with our selection of Mediterranean-inspired snacks today!

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Find the perfect b2b supplier for your lollipop sourcing needs at Torg. From fruity to sour, we have a wide selection of wholesale lollipops from Spain, Italy and all over Europe. Discover delicious private label options and add a pop of color to your business with our Mediterranean-inspired candies.

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glamy candy  logo
Glamy candy
Confectionery manufacturer from India with European owners that manufacture quality sugar candy including lollipops, Dip & Lick lollipops, vegetarian Chewy Candy, powder filled candy balls, and gummy candy, both with pectin and cow gelatine. Halal certified factory.
Gummi candy
White chocolates
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India 4/5 & 10/7 Hegdenegar Main Road, Thirumenahalli - bangalore
Certificates: All
michał zakład produkcji cukierniczej cybulko sp. j. logo
Michał zakład produkcji cukierniczej cybulko sp. j.
Producing exceptional confectionery since 1990, 'Micha' is a bakery ensuring the highest quality sweets made with passion and attention to detail. From candies to lollipops and cookies, our wide range of products caters to cafes, restaurants, and stores looking for delicious treats with meticulous care. With a focus on customization and seasonal offerings for holidays like Christmas and Valentine's Day, our confectionery items guarantee great taste and presentation. Explore our online store for a variety of sweets and the option for contract orders tailored to your needs.
Lemon jellies
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Poland Bora komorowskiego 4a - ełk
argo sp. z o.o. logo
Argo sp. z o.o.
Producer of lollipops, caramels, candies Argo Wane offers a wide range of sweet treats, including filled lollipops, classic lollipops, filled candies, caramel candies, and hard candies in chocolate. With over 27 years of experience, they prioritize quality and safety by using natural ingredients, strictly following food safety standards, and holding international food safety certifications. Their products are free from preservatives, gluten, and allergens. Proudly a Polish familyowned company, Argo Wane distributes their sweets not only throughout Europe but also in countries like the USA, Canada, China, and Israel. Discover more about their highquality confectionery.
Chocolate and sugar goods
Caramel chocolates
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Poland . - Łańcut
Certificates: All
octo chocolate (surovital) logo
Octo chocolate (surovital)
Try to imagine , that the choice of your idea for business is to open an online shop with Superfoods. It all seemed to be very easy at the time-Alas how far were we from reality! All we had to do is buy the raw material and prepack it in retail bags. When you find out, you can not do it in your own kitchen , you go accordingly and rent a suitable place. However if the place you’ve rented is a little too big for your small business naturally you start to think how you can develop your offer. For us the most obvious and organic way was to start the production of chocolate. Indeed the processes of unroasted cocoa beans and coconut blossom sugar which we actually currently have in our assortments , seemed to be so easy to work with. That year was back in 2010 and that same year we learned that our chocolate storry will not be as simple as we thought it might be! The first place which we rented was an old Confectionery workshop measuring exactly 60m2. Our equipment at the time- although basic was perfect for our start up chocolate business. It consisted of our coating pan- made in 1971, our neither younger cooking boiler and the only new piece of equipment our tempering machine.With no experience you can do a lot of things, but when it comes to the food production business- if something isn’t based on the smallest theoretical preparation – doesn?t bode well. Very quickly we realised that we will be in need of help. Starting up a chocolate buisness from scratch wasn’t only about the production. We had to also develope a website, tune in to social media, create an online storeand of corse begin our marketing.The first people we employed were a few members from our families and friends circles. After three years of gainning experience on the market we needed more space. As our team increased our confectionery workshop decreased in space. So we rented the next 600m2 space which demanded a well needed renovation. Working on a bigger scale, made us quickly realise that a higher standard of professional equipment for production will be needed. Therefore we took a bank credit and purchased some more machines! For some people all this old equipment could have been seen as junk , but once renovated by our friends- this was gold to us! Over time change and movement slowly started to destroy the steal pieces in our fully functional machine. For all of us the expansion within the working environoment became significant, making us see and feel the growth of our chocolate factory.
Chocolate biscuits
Dark chocolate with caramel
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Poland ul. Sw. U.Ledóchowskiej 5/18 - Warsawa

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