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Are you looking for wholesale canned avocados? Look no further, Torg is here to provide you with access to a large selection of Canned Avocados sourced from across the Mediterranean and Europe. Our trusted network of suppliers offer premium quality Canned Avocados for both private label and bulk purchase orders. Choose between traditional and organic varieties or take advantage of our custom sourcing services to get exactly what you need.

Capture the vibrant colors and flavors of canned avocados. Showcase the freshness, texture, and health benefits of this nutrient-rich fruit in a creative way to entice buyers to source it from Torg's suppliers. Make sure to include ingredients or labels that represent its b2b, supplier, sourcing, wholesale, private label nature. Showcase international locations where suppliers can be found such as Spain, Italy, Europe and Mediterranean.

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Find Quality Canned Avocado Suppliers Across Different Locations

  1. Spain: Spain is well known for its high quality canned avocado, as it has been a leader in the export of this product since the 1970s. Spanish production accounts for more than half of all canned avocado produced globally and is renowned for its superior taste and texture. With Torg’s database of suppliers, buyers can select from numerous options to find their desired product with ease. Additionally, Torg offers private label services that can help those looking to source canned avocado in bulk quantities.
  2. Italy: Italy, located on the Mediterranean coast, is another key producer of canned avocado. Many Italian producers specialize in farming and producing organic avocados for both domestic and international markets, offering a unique flavor profile that is sought after by buyers across all major markets including Europe, North America and Asia. Whether you are looking to purchase branded or private label products, Torg’s supplier database offers an easy way to narrow down your selection based on specific criteria and preferences.
  3. Israel: Israel is another important producer of premium quality canned avocados. The warm climate provides ideal growing conditions for many varieties of fruit including avocados which are used primarily for export purposes due to their large size and rich flavor profile. For B2B customers looking for reliable suppliers in Israel, Torg’s database allows buyers to easily connect with suppliers who can provide top-grade products at competitive prices.
  4. Morocco: Morocco is quickly becoming an important player in the global market when it comes to exporting canned avocados. As a result of its favorable climate conditions and ample arable land, Moroccan producers have become increasingly competitive in terms of price while maintaining a consistent level of high quality standards for their products exported worldwide. Buyers from around the world can trust that when using Torg’s supplier network they will be able to access some of the best possible deals available anywhere on canned avocados sourced from Morocco.

Creative Uses of Canned Avocado

  1. Homemade Guacamole: Delight your guests with a unique and delicious twist on classic guacamole. Preparing your own version of guacamole using canned avocado is easy and fast, allowing you to whip up a delicious dip in minutes! Simply mash the canned avocado with some tomatoes, onions, cilantro and jalapeno peppers. Serve it up with some chips or vegetables for dipping and watch it disappear!
  2. Avocado Salads: Give your salads an extra boost of flavor with canned avocados! Cut them into cubes or slices for easier mixing. Add them to any salad along with other fresh ingredients such as bell peppers, tomatoes, corn or chickpeas. Finish it off with a simple vinaigrette dressing for a nutritious meal that's bursting with flavor!
  3. Avocado Ice Cream: Who can resist the creamy taste of avocado? Transform it into a decadent dessert by blending cans of avocados with sweetened condensed milk for an easy yet delicious avocado ice cream! Top it off with some cocoa powder for an extra chocolaty kick, as well as fresh berries and nuts for added crunch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is canned avocado?

Canned avocados are a popular product in the food industry, as they provide a convenient and nutritious way to incorporate avocados into dishes. They are often used in salads, sandwiches, dips and other recipes. Torg can help you find the right suppliers for all your canned avocado needs, from sourcing to wholesale private label products.

How is canned avocado prepared?

Canned avocado is typically made with Hass avocados that have been peeled, pitted and mashed before being packed into cans or jars. It is then either sealed in oil or water for preservation. The oil helps to give the avocados their creamy texture while keeping them fresh for longer periods of time.

Where can I get quality wholesale private label canned avocados?

When it comes to sourcing quality wholesale private label canned avocados, Torg can help you find trusted suppliers from all over the globe – from Europe to the Mediterranean region and beyond! These suppliers source high-grade products that will meet all your needs.

What are the benefits of using canned avocado?

Canned avocado has many benefits - it’s easy to use, requires no additional preparation time and its shelf life is much longer than fresh avocado since it has been preserved in oil or water. It also carries fewer risks of contamination than fresh produce since it’s been through an intensive processing procedure prior to sale.

How does pricing work for canned avocado?

The price of canned avocado depends on many factors like supplier location, nature of packaging (cans vs jars), variety and size of supply order placed etc. However, generally speaking it may be more economical compared to buying fresh produce especially if buying in bulk quantities. Torg can help you connect with reliable suppliers so that you can access quality discounts when purchasing larger orders.