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A collection of premium Wet Dog Food products, carefully sourced from top b2b suppliers in Spain and Italy. Discover wholesome and delicious options for your furry best friend, available in both wholesale and private label options. From Mediterranean-inspired flavors to hearty stews, find the perfect wet dog food for your business on Torg's marketplace.

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pet factory srl logo
Pet factory srl
Pet Factory is a company founded in 2009, specializing in the production, import, and distribution of pet products. They offer a wide range of products such as premium and super premium dry and wet food, accessories, and toys for both cats and dogs. With a focus on quality, they provide top brands and new products for your furry friends. Meet their dedicated team and explore their history on their website. Explore their catalog for 2023 and discover popular brands like Miau Miau, Desire, Pure Dog, and more. Love for animals drives us! Quality products for your beloved pets.
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Wet dog food
Romania CTPark Bucharest North, Building B3, Afumati village, Romania - bucharest
biopur logo
This balanced feed, which comes in various flavours, is likewise prepared exclusively with organic foodstuffs which are fit for human consumption. Our high-quality raw materials and ingredients come from selected organic farmers all over Germany. The products are prepared carefully and without chemical additives – to best preserve all valuable nutrients and ingredients. Naturally the recipe meets the latest scientific findings and nutritional guidelines. The change in diet usually succeeds quite well – even for picky cats with a mind of their own. Simply mix the usual pet food with the new one from BIOPUR, gradually replacing the usual food over a period of several days. For our BIOPUR animal feed, we us only raw materials produced organically which are even fit for human consumption. The high-quality raw materials and ingredients come from selected German organic farmers. To best preserve all valuable nutrients and ingredients, we prepare all products carefully without chemical additives. And we consider the latest scientific findings and nutritional guidelines in all our pet food recipes. Our feed provides your pet with all the vital nutrients required every day.
Wet dog food
Dog food
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Germany Bruchstraße 13 - Bad Dürkheim
animonda logo
Our pets are beloved members of our family and at the same time our best friends. We, at animonda, put the welfare of the animals first and focus on the production of high-quality pet food for cats and dogs. Hereby,we stand for natural raw materials instead of artificial flavourings. For real tastes instead of flavour enhancer. And for species-appropriate products that are simply really good, and without artificial colours and added sugar or soy. This is our guarantee for all animonda products. Simply feeding with love and understanding.
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Germany Frankfurter Str. 31 - Bad Rothenfelde
dierservice nederland b.v. logo
Dierservice nederland b.v.
EUPET has been a family owned and operated business since 1986. We started out as a local feed store in Aalten (Netherlands), delivering animal feed to local farmers. Today, we distribute over 30 brands and private labels to major wholesalers and distributors to more than 30 countries. We provide a lot of different brands, from basic to ultra premium sector. If needed we provide custom-made private labels for each sector. You can get a complete range customized to your needs. We create, we design your own private label with a complete sortiment. Furthermore if desired we create a professional website or webshop for your new brand. We will strengthen our alliance with customers and manufacturers by refining our organizational structure, enhancing our products and services and utilizing the talent of our employees.
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Dog food
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Netherlands Slaadijk 18 - aalten

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