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Are you looking for high quality canned other food products to add to your business? Look no further than Torg, the leading b2b food product marketplace. We have an extensive selection of canned other items from reputable suppliers all over Europe, the Mediterranean, and beyond. Buy in bulk or opt for private label sourcing; no matter what your needs are, you are sure to find what you’re looking for at Torg! With our easy-to-use platform, you can quickly browse through our large database organized by categories such as Olive Oil, Paella, Rice, Vegan Beef and more. Submit product requests, ask for quotes from specific suppliers - make your sourcing process much easier with Torg today!

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Looking for quality b2b canned food products? Check out Torg's selection of Canned Other - perfect for your sourcing needs. From private label Mediterranean dips to wholesale European spreads, our suppliers have got you covered. Try out Spain's famous olive oil infused with herbs and spices or indulge in Italy's finest canned truffles. Whatever your business needs, we've got the perfect supplier for you at Torg!

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Icm pork
ICM Pork is a specialized company in the cutting and commercialization of refrigerated and frozen pork meat, being the largest Portuguese exporter to Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. They offer customized cuts, advanced technology, and personalized packaging, ensuring product quality and food safety. With a deep understanding of the industry, they provide high-quality meat products to industries, distributors, retailers, butchers, and industrial kitchens, setting them apart as a top supplier in the market.
Canned other
Meat substitute
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Portugal MEÃES, APART. 51. VILARINHO DAS CAMBAS 4770-762 VILA NOVA DE FAMALICÃO - Vila Nova de Famalicão
Frescado konstantoulas theodoros ee
Frescado is a continuous development company that invests in human resources and equipment to achieve goals and enrich their product range with excellent products and unique flavors. They offer suitable packaging solutions that meet specific requirements, with a focus on quality and serving suggestions. Connect with them to discover how they can elevate your product presentation.
Canned olives
Canned foods
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Greece Flogita 632 00, Greece - Flogita
AGRiCO logo
AGRiCO DTL is a company with almost 100 years of experience in the meat processing industry. Due to multiple investments in facilities and newest equipment the company is a long-time precursor of changes and standards in the meat processing industry. Our products are widely distributed on the polish and international markets and have been repeatedly awarded as the best brand. The company specialises in fresh meats, a frozen meats and canned meats, fish and vegetables including HALAL products.
Canned meats
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Poland Pawłówek 35 62-800 Kalisz - Kalisz, woj Wielkopolskie
a. gandola & c. spa logo
A. gandola & c. spa
In 1964, after a long-standing business experience in the food and confectionery industry, Aldo Gandola decided to create the company that bears his surname. He specialized in the chocolate, milk chocolate and hazelnut creams, bringing onto the market Gandola’s innovative two-tone product, and among its semi-solid creams, Cremino. With the cooperation of his son Giorgio, Gandola started operating immediately in the Private Label business and it is a valid quality option to leading companies. Thus, Gandola’s products are part of the National and of many International market trades. During the years, Gandola has developed its commercial and trade policy, retaining the approach given by its founder, that is “quality at a fair price”, while continually refurbishing its plant and packaging system. In 1978, in Rudiano, in the province of Brescia, the Gandola family took over a biscuit factory and with the trademark “Gandola Biscotti SpA”, they specialized in the traditional shortbread trade as well as in organic and healthy food products. Gandola Industrial Group, led by its corporate President Giorgio, is an utmost important reality in food and confectionery product distribution in Italy. In 2014, the company celebrated its 50th year in business: a major goal, that shows the success of an entrepreneurial project, capable of growing and making progress over time. In the picture, the family members together with their closest collaborators during the cake cutting.
Sweet potato spreads
Chocolate sprits biscuits
Milk chocolate bar
Savoury spreads
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Italy Strada Statale 11, 312 - Ponte San Marco BS
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