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bister logo
Bister offers a wide range of unique Belgian mustards, sauces, and pickles since 1926. With a focus on quality, tradition, and modernity, their products are made with carefully selected ingredients and traditional recipes. From iconic Mustard Imperial to 100 Belgian mayonnaise, their offerings cater to all tastes. Discover the flavorful world of Bister, where every bite is a taste of Belgium's culinary heritage.
French mustards
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Belgium . - .
Mattheeussens WIDO BV - OSSENDRECHT logo
Mattheeussens wido bv - ossendrecht
Mattheeussens-Wido B.V. is a producer and supplier of vegetable preserves, focusing on pickled products like gherkins, silver onions, and more. Their history dates back to the 1850s, evolving from selling green chicory to producing the same high-quality preserved products today. They prioritize quality in their production process, using only top-grade ingredients from certified suppliers. With a wide range of products like pickles, beets, and red cabbage, Mattheeussens-Wido B.V. ensures their goods meet the highest standards in taste and safety, offering a reliable option in the ever-growing food market.
Pickled gherkins
Vegetable pickles
White cabbage
Pickled cucumbers
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Netherlands Burg. Voetenstraat - OSSENDRECHT
Certificates: All
Lucarelli alferino srl
Olive Lucarelli is an Italian company that specializes in the production and distribution of table olives and lupins. Founded in 1949, the company is one of the leading companies in the olive sector in Italy and processes more than 18 cultivars. The company is IFS, BRC FOOD and FDA certified and it has also achieved D.O.P. (PDO) recognition as 'GAETA OLIVE', olive variety native of Lazio Region.
Pitted olives
Vegetable pickles
Pitted marinated green olives
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Certificates: All
EUROLIVE s.r.l. logo
Eurolive s.r.l.
Eurolive spa specializes in the production of Italian olives, particularly focusing on those from Puglia and Salento. Their high-quality table olives from Salento are their pride, with a commitment to quality without compromise. They offer a variety of certified and organic products, working directly with local farmers and utilizing cutting-edge production lines. Eurolive's expertise lies in transforming and packaging table olives, capers, and vegetables, with a strong emphasis on Italian olives, both pitted and round, especially from Puglia and Salento. With a dedication to quality and innovation, Eurolive ensures the excellence of their products.
Italy Viale Francia – Zona Industriale – - Surbo (LE)
Certificates: All

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