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Shop for Canned Tomato Paste on Torg - the European B2B marketplace! We provide a large selection of high-quality Canned Tomato Paste products from leading suppliers located across the Mediterranean region. With our competitive prices, you can find the perfect product to suit your needs, whether it's for private label or wholesale orders. We make sure that every one of our customers is able to source their desired products in no time!

Capture a vibrant image showcasing canned tomato paste, with ingredients like tomatoes, olives and spices to create an appetizing atmosphere. Make sure to highlight the different types of canned tomato paste available, such as organic or b2b suppliers sourcing from Spain or Italy and other Mediterranean countries. Showcase private label products that are popular with customers all over the world.

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Ideas for Using Canned Tomato Paste

  1. Savory Dishes: Canned tomato paste is an incredibly versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes. It makes a great base for pasta sauces, stews, and soups. It can also be used to top flatbreads or pizzas, mixed with mayonnaise and herbs as a sandwich spread, stirred into scrambled eggs for breakfast, or added to ground beef or turkey for a flavorful burger patty.
  2. Sweet Treats: Canned tomato paste is not just for savory applications; it can add flavor to sweet treats too! Use it to make homemade applesauce – mix it with cooked apples, cinnamon, and sugar for a delicious topping on oatmeal or ice cream. Add it to your favorite cookie dough recipe – the sweetness of the tomato will balance out the saltiness of the buttery dough. Or try stirring some into your favorite homemade frosting recipe – it adds an unexpected flavor twist that makes your desserts stand out from the crowd.
  3. Canine Cuisine: Canned tomato paste isn't just for humans - dogs love it too! Mix some into their kibble along with some grated parmesan cheese and olive oil for extra flavor; blend equal parts of canned tomato paste and plain Greek yogurt together as a healthy snack; or use it as an alternative way to make homemade dog treats by simply baking canned tomato paste in small mounds until they become crunchy snacks your pup will love.

Discover the Best Suppliers in 4 Locations for Canned Tomato Paste

  1. Spain: Spain is a Mediterranean country that is renowned for its rich culinary legacy, and it is no wonder that it is one of the main suppliers of canned tomato paste in Europe. Torg sources an array of Spanish suppliers to meet different needs, from small bulk orders to larger, private label production. With Torg's help, buyers can easily find the best supplier for their requirements while navigating through the vast landscape of Spanish suppliers.
  2. Italy: Italy has been producing some of the finest canned tomato paste since ancient times and has been the cornerstone for many world-renowned culinary dishes. B2B buyers on Torg are able to access thousands of Italian suppliers who create top quality products with local produce. Torg makes sure that these suppliers remain competitive by helping to reduce sourcing costs and time-to-market with their expert services.
  3. Portugal: Portugal is well known as a major producer and exporter of canned tomato paste in Europe and beyond. Portuguese producers offer unique flavors at competitive prices due to traditional techniques combined with modern methods. It's especially important for b2b buyers who are looking for private label options or large wholesale orders to get access to reliable Portuguese suppliers with great customer experience - something which Torg provides!
  4. Greece: Greece produces some of the most popular types of canned tomato paste in the world, such as sun dried tomatoes, sundried tomatoes with basil sauce and roasted garlic tomatoes among other varieties. B2B buyers on Torg have access to a variety of Greek suppliers offering top quality products at competitive prices while having full support from dedicated professionals at each phase throughout the entire chain process.

Recent Supply Chain Issues Faced by Canned Tomato Paste Producers

  1. Supply Chain Challenges: In recent decades, the canned tomato paste supply chain has been faced with numerous challenges. The supply of tomatoes is highly dependent on climatic conditions and weather fluctuations. Seasonal droughts or extreme heat can cause a decrease in yield and quality of tomatoes available for processing, resulting in limited production of canned tomato paste. Global demand for canned tomato products has also caused an increase in prices, leading to strained relations between buyers and suppliers. Furthermore, food safety regulations have become more stringent, creating additional obstacles for producers trying to stay compliant while maintaining affordable prices.