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Mesfood trading
Mesfood Trading is a Spanish company that specializes in importing highquality food products from Spain and other key countries worldwide, including canned vegetables, fruits, pulses, olives, pickles, fish, oils, frozen vegetables, fruits, and French fries. They offer a wide range of products and services, such as customized labeling, consolidated shipments, and quality certifications like BRC, IFS, ISO, HACCP, Kosher, and Halal. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Mesfood Trading serves as your external export department, allowing you to concentrate on sales while they handle the logistics. Contact them for the best offers tailored to your needs in English or Spanish.
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la conservera española (hijos de pablo gil guillén,s.l.) logo
La conservera española (hijos de pablo gil guillén,s.l.)
The Spanish canning company and Carfruit specialize in manufacturing and exporting vegetable preserves, fruits, legumes, and pickles. With a history dating back to 1970, they offer a wide range of highquality canned fruits, vegetables, legumes, and pickles. They prioritize quality, safety, and customer satisfaction in their production process, ensuring timely delivery tailored to customer needs. With a focus on using the best raw materials, they have become renowned worldwide, especially in Spain and Italy, under the brands Carfruit and Spanish Canner. Explore their product catalog in PDF format for their certified quality offerings.
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polimark logo
Polimark offers a wide range of food products including sauces, dressings, spreads, margarine, cream, and beverages. With a focus on quality and taste, Polimark also provides entertaining games, interesting videos, and delicious recipes on their website. Explore Polimark for a delightful culinary experience!
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Who was born on our territory cannot but love its products. From the love for nature and the respect of traditions, Feger,a company of Gerardo Ferraioli,was born. It is rooted in the Sarno Valley, the so called area of the "Red Gold" for the abundance of tomato cultivations. A land good for cultivations, generous for the wealth of its creations, rich for the plenty of vegetables, horticultural products, fruit which every day can be harvested in the fields and then put on the table. Who was born on this land and has always tasted the genuinity of its products well knows how much care and respect they deserve. It was 1962 when Gerardo Ferraioli founded his company in Angri, in the province of Salerno, a family run company, whose business consists of the processing of tomatoes, which still today are the flagship products of this company’s whole range of products. Availing himself of his previous experience in the agricultural food sector, Ferraioli laid the foundations of a company which would become a joint stock company, aiming at exporting its products all over the World. Over the years Feger has diversified production, adding many products derived from tomato processing, but also canned legumes and legume based products, besides Italian specialties like ready made sauces for pasta, soups, red and green pesto sauce. The company has always taken much care about organic horticultural production, and since 2008 it has launched a continuously increasing organic product line. Feger S.p.A. is also "certified producer of San Marzano Tomato", the Protected Origin variety of local tomato, protected by the “Protection Consortium” which controls the application of the rules provided by the Product Specification, guaranteeing consumers and enhancing the quality of this precious product. Today Feger S.p.A. mainly produces private label products, and for the commecial brands of the Large Scale Distribution and Organized Distribution in Italy. Besides keeping a leading position, which is now a consolidated on the home market, the company has since the beginning showed a strong vocation for the export, both with its own brands and with private labels, thus causing, over the last years, a significant increase of sales on the foreign reference market.
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Italy - - Angri
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