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Pasta natura srl
Pasta Natura brings delicious and healthy organic pasta to your table, including glutenfree, gourmet, and kids' pasta lines. Their artisanal production process ensures highquality pasta in various shapes, from long to short, perfect for different recipes. With a focus on sustainability and quality, they offer a wide range of glutenfree products made from carefully selected Italian ingredients, suitable for glutenfree, vegan, and vegetarian diets. Enjoy the goodness of Mediterranean diet in every bite!
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Italy . - .
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innesto logo
Global consolidated baking INGREDIENT supplies. With comprehensive knowledge of the flour value chain, Innesto identified modular ingredient solutions tailored to each proces to increase productivity, cut costs or optimize dough rheology for each application (bread, biscuit, noodle industry). Over 25 years expertise developing flours & bakery ingredients tailor milled & enriched to the specific product expectations of our clients.
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Belgium Zandstraat 11 - Ertvelde
V.AL.IN S.r.l - Pieve D'Alpago (BL) logo s.r.l - pieve d'alpago (bl)
Products: Snack foods Potato crisps/potato sticks/other potato snacks Corn snacks Rice-snacks Vegan snack foods Fat-reduced snack foods Lactose-free snack foods Gluten-free snack foods Salt-reduced snack foods Trend Snacks & Natural Snacks Other savoury snacks Vegan trend snacks Product emphasis: Snack foods Trend Snacks & Natural Snacks Trend subjects: Halal Kosher Vegan Vegetarian Target and outlet markets: Australia Brazil Canada Japan Mexico Middle East New Zealand North Africa Northern Europe Others Eastern Europe Others Oceania Russia South Africa South East Asia Southern Europe Türkiye USA Western Europe Outbound: Japan, Tokyo │ ISM Japan UAE, Dubai │ ISM Middle East
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Italy Zona Industriale Paludi - Pieve D'Alpago (BL)
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Oromas, s.a.
Oromas is a leading company in the food industry since 1950, offering high-quality pasta, noodles, and flours at the best prices. They provide a wide range of products including classic pastas, egg pastas, vegetable pastas, packaged flours, and semolinas. Oromas ensures superior quality, safety, and variety in their products, with certifications for quality assurance. Their facilities, strategically located in cereal-producing areas, guarantee optimal logistics and competitiveness, enabling them to cater to different client needs efficiently. Oromas excels in production capability, utilizing top technology to produce 420 tons of pasta and 400 tons of wheat semolina daily, showcasing versatility in manufacturing various types of pasta and packaging formats. Their expertise in national and international logistics ensures rigorous, secure, and punctual distribution, using the most efficient transportation methods available, including land and sea. Oromas is a trusted partner for consumers and businesses seeking natural, healthy, and safe food products.
Instant macaroni
Durum wheat semolinas
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Spain P.I. Malpica, C/E nº 28 - Zaragoza
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