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If you are looking for a reliable b2b supplier who can provide you with high quality Gluten-Free Pasta, look no further than Torg! We offer an extensive range of gluten-free products sourced from suppliers all over the world. From Italy to Spain, our suppliers are sure to have what you need. Our selection includes a wide variety of shapes and flavors that will suit any taste, whether you are serving up classic Italian dishes or creating something new and unique. You can find everything from standard pasta varieties to more unique shapes such as bow ties, shells, and spirals all in gluten-free variations. Private labeling is also available upon request so that your company can offer its own branded product line.

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Buying Trends in Global Gluten-Free Pasta Market

  1. Global Demand for Gluten-Free Pasta: The gluten-free pasta market has grown significantly in the last few decades, with an estimated compound annual growth rate of 8.6% from 2019 to 2026. This is largely due to increasing health awareness and dietary restrictions among consumers, as well as a growing number of celiac disease sufferers worldwide. With its ability to provide delicious alternatives to traditional wheat-based pasta dishes, gluten-free pasta is becoming increasingly popular among both health and taste conscious buyers.
  2. Regional Demand for Gluten Free Products: In terms of regional demand for gluten-free products, Europe accounted for the largest share in 2018 and is expected to remain the largest consumer in this market over the next few years. This can be attributed to the rising number of celiac disease sufferers in countries such as Italy, France, Germany and Spain, as well as greater availability of gluten-free products across these regions. Additionally, North America also exhibits strong growth potential due to increasing consumer preference for convenience foods and a larger number of health conscious consumers.

The Nutritional Qualities Of Gluten-Free Pasta

  1. Nutritional Benefits: Gluten free pasta is a great alternative to traditional pasta and has many nutritional benefits. It is composed of either rice, corn, quinoa or other grains that have been ground up into a flour. This type of pasta has fewer calories, fewer carbs and more fiber than regular pasta. Furthermore, it is also low in fat and cholesterol making it an ideal choice for those looking for a healthy meal option.
  2. Variety: Additionally, gluten free pastas also contain higher levels of B vitamins which aid in the production of energy as well as providing numerous health benefits such as helping to lower blood pressure and aiding digestion. The varieties of gluten free pastas are endless with different shapes and flavors to choose from such as penne, spirals and shells made from ingredients like organic brown rice flour and buckwheat flour perfect for creating delicious meals at home or sourcing them through b2b suppliers.
  3. Minerals & Antioxidants: Gluten free pastas contain important minerals such as magnesium, zinc, phosphorus which are necessary for our body’s development of bones and tissues. Moreover they contain antioxidants such as lycopene which help balance cholesterol levels while providing nutrients to the cells in our bodies. For private label businesses looking to source gluten free products from Europe or Mediterranean markets Torg offers an extensive selection of products that ensures quality standards are met every time!