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Torg is the leading B2B marketplace for all types of food products and supplies. We have an extensive selection of shaped pasta from all over the world, including suppliers from Italy, Spain and other Mediterranean countries. Our b2b suppliers provide premium quality goods at competitive prices – perfect for private label or wholesale sourcing. Plus, you can easily browse through our detailed product categories and quickly connect with the right supplier just for you!

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rédei 97 ltd. logo
Rédei 97 ltd.
In the last 30 years, our mission has been to produce various types of pasta that fulfills the need for premium basic or specialty tastes, while not sacrificing the desire for a healthy and environmentally conscious life. To achieve this we are committed to carefully manufacturing our fully organic pastas from spelt, durum wheat, rye, whole grain, or diabetic flours and in various tastes at our Hungarian facility to supply the markets in the EMEA region.
Durum wheat spaghetti
Durum wheat noodles
Whole durum wheat pasta
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Hungary - - -
makarony polskie sa logo
Makarony polskie sa
ul. Podkarpacka 15a, 35-082 Rzeszów
Ready meals
Durum wheat pasta
Shaped pasta
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Poland 180 Piłsudskiego - ząbki
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pastificio marulo srl logo
Pastificio marulo srl
Il valore aggiunto sono le persone, l’entusiasmo e la passione che ogni collaboratore del nostro Team spende per rendere realtà un progetto ambizioso; un’affascinante avventura nella quale, il valore e l’eccellenza gastronomica della nostra amata terra si rinnovano.”
Durum wheat flours
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Italy Via Filippini 4 - Torre Annunziata
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marabotto sapiori italiani logo
Marabotto sapiori italiani
Marabotto Giacomo & Sons – Sapori Italiani is a family run company and it has been producing with careful craftsmanship the tastes and pleasures of the great Italian cooking tradition such as dried and in oil mushrooms, truffles, flavoured pasta, prepared risotti, starters, sauces, pesto sauces, spices and much more.
Shaped pasta
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