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Whether you're looking for traditional Italian gnocchi or something more creative, Torg is here to help. Our extensive database of suppliers has options for every budget and need that will suit any occasion, whether it be a wedding reception, a special holiday dinner, or just an everyday meal. We have all types of gnocchi sourced from b2b suppliers around Europe, Mediterranean countries and private label providers. With our easy-to-use platform, it's never been easier to find what you need quickly and efficiently.

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Find the perfect b2b supplier for your wholesale Gnocchi sourcing needs with Torg. Explore our vast selection of Mediterranean-style Gnocchi, made from the finest ingredients sourced directly from Italy and Spain. Treat your customers to delectable Gnocchi dishes or private label your own brand with Torg - the leading marketplace for food products. Discover a variety of packaging options to suit your business, such as classic pasta boxes or modern resealable bags. Don't wait any longer, get your hands on our high-quality Gnocchi now!

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Pastificio Regal Srl logo
Pastificio regal srl
Pastificio Regal specializes in highquality fresh egg pasta, filled egg pasta, semolina pasta, gnocchi, and catering options. Their pasta is prepared with artisanal expertise, offering a taste of traditional Italian excellence. With a wide range of products and a dedication to quality, Pastificio Regal ensures a poetic culinary experience in every dish. They are also available in Canada, showcasing the excellence of Made in Italy. ItalianExcellence FreshPasta GourmetExperience
Fresh pasta
Fresh egg pasta
Puff pastry meals
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Italy Via dei Pastai - Zona Industriale - Pineto (TE)
Certificates: All
PALVE snc di Marogna Ivo & C. logo
Palve snc di marogna ivo & c.
Palve Home offers high-quality traditional Italian products like gnocchi and polenta, made with ancient grains and a passion for preserving authentic flavors. They prioritize family values and connect producers with consumers to share the taste and emotions of their culinary traditions. With a focus on quality ingredients like corn and potatoes, each batch of their products is carefully selected and crafted, ensuring a delicious experience that respects and showcases the best the land has to offer. Contact them at [email protected].
Italy Via Spagna, 15 - Villafranca di Verona (VR)
Certificates: All
ta-tung platos precocinados s.l logo
Ta-tung platos precocinados s.l
Gallo Pasta offers a variety of pasta types and shapes on their official website, emphasizing natural ingredients. From dry pasta to fresh pasta, sauces, and glutenfree options, Gallo Pasta's selection caters to different preferences. With a history of innovation since the 1940s, Gallo Pasta focuses on quality and excellence in every product. Explore their wide range of pasta products and recipes, including glutenfree options and delicious meals like salmon spaghetti, cheese ravioli, and more. Contact them for more information or to join their team.
Lentil pasta
Fresh pasta
Gluten-free pasta
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Italy - - Sant Cugat del Vallès
Certificates: All
antica pasteria spa logo
Antica pasteria spa
For more than 80 years, fresh pasta has been the Voltan family’s passion. We make unique products from a “tailor-made” approach with the aim to export original flavours from Venice to the rest of the world, meeting every customer’s request and every possible taste. We are proud to represent the very best of the Italian culinary tradition and to work with the most important international retailers. Voltan is an Italian manufacturer of fresh filled pasta, plain pasta, gnocchi, ready-made sauces, and ready meals. It has been combining tradition with innovation since 1937, exporting top-quality Italian products from Venice to the rest of the world.
Tomato sauce
Fresh pasta
Ready meals
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Certificates: All

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