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pasta natura srl logo
Pasta natura srl
Pasta Natura brings delicious and healthy organic pasta to your table, including glutenfree, gourmet, and kids' pasta lines. Their artisanal production process ensures highquality pasta in various shapes, from long to short, perfect for different recipes. With a focus on sustainability and quality, they offer a wide range of glutenfree products made from carefully selected Italian ingredients, suitable for glutenfree, vegan, and vegetarian diets. Enjoy the goodness of Mediterranean diet in every bite!
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Italy . - .
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Vitalia nikola ltd
takeaway raw bars with no sugar added and glutenfree optionsEnjoy a variety of healthy takeaway raw bars, including coconut cocoa granola and ketofriendly snacks. Find us at our location or contact us for more information.Products include coconut cocoa granola, keto snacks, and other raw bar options. Contact us for more details.
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Greece - - Скопје
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spaichinger nudelmacher gmbh logo
Spaichinger nudelmacher gmbh
Spaichinger Nudelmacher specializes in crafting highquality noodles with over 160 years of experience in the industry. They offer a wide range of products including glutenfree options, organic dinkel noodles, and traditional egg noodles. Their commitment to innovation and attention to detail sets them apart, with the ability to develop unique customized noodle products in collaboration with clients. Their brands include Seitz Glutenfrei, Dinkel Max, Hofbauer, Demeter Nudelmacher, and Peter's, each catering to different dietary preferences and tastes. The company's expertise lies in developing specialty products using alternative ingredients and unique shapes, showcasing a passion for creating new and diverse pasta options for customers.
Gluten-free spaghetti
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Germany - - -
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govifarm logo
We are special pasta italian producer. We only use gluten free legumes and cereals flours (chickpeas, red lentils, yellow lentils, green peas, black beans, rice, corn, teff, buckwheat, turmeric, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds) mixed with vegetables and superfood. Our organic productions can offer a very wide range of products, weights and packaging solutions. We can produce under our Libré Bio and Profì brands, or for your private label. We select only top-quality ingredients and our pasta can boast a high protein and fibers content, and a low content of saturated fats and glycemic index. Our certifications: Organic / Gluten free / Vegan / Kosher / BRC Food (A grade) / IFS Food.
Gluten-free spaghetti
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Italy Zanichelli&Govi Srl Via M.L.King, 6/A - Pegognaga (mn)
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