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Looking for the best b2b supplier of high-quality Ricotta cheese? Torg has got you covered! Sourced from trusted suppliers in Spain and Italy, our creamy Ricotta is perfect for your Mediterranean-inspired dishes. Choose from our wide selection of wholesale offerings or create your own private label packaging. With Torg, you'll never have to compromise on quality.

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Caseificio podere dei leoni sas
The company specializes in producing high-quality dairy products such as spherical-shaped cheese with a pearly white color and a distinctive flavor, a burrata with a soft and creamy center, and a creamy smoked version. They also offer white and smoked ricotta with a slightly sweet taste, and a pear-shaped scamorza with a smooth and creamy texture. Known for promoting traditional values in dairy production since 1998, their products are a delicious representation of Campania's culinary heritage.
Mozzarella cheese
Buffalo cheese
Cow mozzarella
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Italy Via F. Petrarca 34 - NOCERA INFERIORE (SA)
Certificates: All
achnagal (eleftherios eleftheriou) ltd logo
Achnagal (eleftherios eleftheriou) ltd
Achnagal Dairies Industry was established in 1977 in Cyprus by our father, Lefteris Eleftheriou, as a truly traditional Cypriot, family run company. Ηis pioneering explorer’s spirit and his determination in trying to find the best ways of offering superior quality, led him into creating Achnagal Dairies Industry right after his studies abroad as a dairy maker. As a true Cypriot cheese maker, he started by producing traditional Halloumi cheese and Kefalotyri cheese using a small custom designed factory at the back yard of the house he grew up in, with milk yielded from sheep and goats raised by the Eleftheriou family at the time. By 1980 and as the production volumes kept increasing, the once small Achnagal factory had to move to a bigger facility. The brand new and state of the art production unit could cover the increasing exports demand for Halloumi cheese, Yoghurt & Kefalotyri cheese in new markets such as United Kingdom and Kuwait.
Goat cheese
Goat milk
Low-lactose milk
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Cyprus Demetriou Fani 9 - Ammotostos
Certificates: All
sassano logo
Puglia Selection is a network of food and beverage companies. We are a selection of products which represent the italian food and beverage, as dairy products, canned vegetables, fruit jams, ready sauces, cous cous, pasta, ready meals, oil and wine. The project, born from apulian companies, has expanded its operativity to many italian companies in a very short time, thanks to its success in main foreign markets as Russia, Japan and GCC. Our selection refers to Retail and Ho.Re.Ca., covering all the market sectors.
Apple jams
Processed cheese
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Italy Contrada Macere sn - Vinchiaturo CB
Certificates: All
valcolatte logo
Valcolatte has been crafting Italian dairy products for over 100 years, focusing on quality, innovation, and family traditions. They offer a wide range of products including mozzarella, ricotta, burrata, mascarpone, and gorgonzola, made with genuine Italian milk. With a passion for quality, they bring the taste of good Italian milk to tables and restaurants worldwide, processing over 400,000 liters of milk daily from the Lombardy and Emilia Romagna regions. Explore their world of dairy products for retail and food service, featuring a variety of recipes for a great dining experience. Subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated on Valcolatte's latest news and products, continuing the legacy of Italian quality and tradition.
Mozzarella cheese
Mozzarella di bufala campana
Grated mozzarella
Frozen mozzarella sticks
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Italy - - PONTENURE (PC)
Certificates: All

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