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If you’re looking for quality Pecorino, you’ve come to the right place. Torg is a b2b marketplace that connects buyers with wholesale and private label suppliers from around the world. Our selection of products includes all types of cheese, including Pecorino. We have sourced suppliers from Europe, Italy and around the Mediterranean - so you can find whatever you need in one convenient location. So whether it’s for cooking or snacking – we have something to suit everyone’s tastes!

Capture the bright colours of a pecorino cheese platter, featuring different shapes and shades of the Italian delicacy. Pay attention to details like texture, contrast and elements that set it apart from other cheese varieties. Use props such as olives, olive oil and herbs to create a vibrant and appetizing photo representing the Pecorino category.

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Related products and categories

  1. Grana Padano: Grana Padano is a hard, crumbly Italian cheese similar to Pecorino. It is made from partially skimmed cow's milk and aged for 12-24 months. It has a nutty flavour with a hint of sweetness. Like Pecorino, it can be served freshly grated as a topping or melted in dishes such as pasta or risotto.
  2. Parmigiano Reggiano: Parmigiano Reggiano is an Italian hard cheese that is also known as the king of cheeses. It has a distinctively fruity aroma and its flavor can range from sweet to salty depending on its age. Similar to Pecorino, it can be used to top salads, pastas, pizzas, and more. It also makes an excellent grating cheese for soups and sauces.
  3. Provolone Cheese: Provolone cheese is an Italian semi-hard cheese with mild aroma and creamy taste similar to Pecorino. This versatile cheese works well served cold in sandwiches or salads or melted over bruschetta or pizza. Due to its long aging process (up to one year), it develops a unique piquant flavor that adds complexity when used in cooking applications like pasta dishes or grilled vegetables.
  4. Gorgonzola Cheese: Gorgonzola is an Italian blue veined cheese similar to Pecorino that offers strong flavors of butterfat and saltiness combined with sweet notes of aged milk curds at room temperature. Gorgonzola adds bold flavor when crumbled over salads, pizza, risotto, gnocchi or used as an ingredient in creamy sauces for pasta dishes or lasagna recipes.
  5. Feta Cheese: Feta Cheese is a Greek white brined curd cheese similar to Pecorino that has been produced since ancient times using sheep’s milk (and today also goat’s milk). Feta offers sharp salty flavors combined with creamy textures and it makes an excellent addition when added on top of salads, baked potatoes, tarts etc., while it also works great when used as part of the filling for savory pies too (spanakopita anyone?).

Discover the Finest Pecorino Producers in Europe

  1. Spain: Spain is a country with a long history of producing pecorino cheese. In the past, it was produced mainly in rural areas for local consumption, but recently it has become popular across Europe. The milk used to produce this cheese comes from cows, sheep and goats that are reared in the meadows of southern and central Spain. It is often served in slices as an appetizer or shredded over salads and pasta dishes. With its unique flavor and creamy texture, Torg can help you source high-quality Pecorino from Spanish suppliers who specialize in traditional production methods.
  2. Italy: Italy has been producing pecorino since Roman times and its production remains largely unchanged over centuries. The best-known brands are those made on the island of Sardinia near the coast of Italy, although there are many other producers spread throughout Italy’s regions. Italian pecorino has a slightly nutty flavor and is often served as a grating cheese with pasta dishes or salads. When sourcing high quality Pecorino from Italian suppliers through Torg, buyers will benefit from the availability of this versatile cheese at competitive prices.
  3. Portugal: Portugal is known for its excellent cheeses that have been produced since medieval times. Among them is Queijo da Serra, a hard sheep's milk cheese also referred to as Portuguese pecorino or Serra cheese. It can be found all over Portugal but has gained particular recognition due to its Protected Designation of Origin status awarded by the European Union (EU). For buyers looking for authentic Portuguese Pecorinos, Torg offers access to reliable suppliers with decades of experience crafting top quality products that adhere to EU standards and regulations.
  4. Greece: Greece is home to many flavorful cheeses including Feta which is usually made from goat or sheep's milk although cow's milk varieties exist too! There are also several types of Greek Peccorinos including Myzithra which originates from Crete and Kefalotyri which hails from mainland Greece - both have an intense salty flavour due to their longer aging process compared to standard feta cheeses! Buyers looking for Mediterranean influenced Pecorinos should trust Torg for expertly sourced Greek products at unbeatable prices!

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