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Looking for a great supplier of b2b Brie cheese? Look no further than Torg! We provide a vast selection of high-quality Brie cheeses sourced from all over the world including Europe, the Mediterranean, and beyond. Our database is full of trusted suppliers and private label partners you can rely upon to find the best possible cheese for your business needs. Whether it's for retail sale or bulk orders, you'll find it here at Torg.

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Supply Chain Issues With Brie Cheese

  1. Milk Availability & Global Interconnectivity: The global market for Brie Cheese is affected by the availability of milk and other dairy products. Factors such as drought, animal health issues, and price volatility can lead to a shortage or interruption in supply. Furthermore, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), global dairy markets are becoming increasingly interconnected, which could result in disruptions due to trade policies or transportation issues.
  2. Rennet Shortage & Cost Increase: Brie cheese production is highly dependent on the availability of rennet, an enzyme used in cheese making that can come from both plant and animal sources. A few years ago, there was a shortage of this enzyme due to high demand for vegetarian alternatives from suppliers like Nestle. This led to a sharp rise in the cost of brie cheese production for companies who rely on it as their primary ingredient.

Related products and categories

  1. Brie de Meaux: Brie de Meaux is a type of brie cheese made from cow's milk that originated in the region of Meaux, France. It has a creamier texture and more intense flavor than traditional bries, making it popular as an accompaniment to breads and crackers.
  2. Camembert: Camembert is another type of French cheese made from cow's milk that is similar to Brie. It has a milder flavor and firmer texture, with a white rind and soft interior. The delicate taste makes it an ideal pair for charcuterie boards or as part of an appetizer plate.
  3. Roquefort: Roquefort is a type of blue cheese made from sheep’s milk that originates in the South of France. It has a sharp, pungent flavor and creamy texture due to its aging process in caves near Roquefort-sur-Soulzon. The distinctive flavor makes it the perfect addition to salads or desserts like cheesecake.
  4. Reblochon: Reblochon is a washed rind cheese made from cow’s milk in Savoie, France. It has an oozy, creamy texture with nutty aromas and sweet flavors which make it great for melting into hot dishes such as gratins or tarts. Its distinctive flavor pairs well with robust red wines like Syrah or Grenache. 
  5. Crescenza: Crescenza is a fresh Italian cheese made from cow’s milk with origins in Lombardy, Italy. It has a soft texture similar to ricotta but with more complexity in its flavours which range from milky sweetness to sharpness depending on age and ripening time. Perfect for antipastos platters or pasta dishes for added depth of flavour!

Discover the Best Brie Cheese from Around the World

  1. Spain: Spain is a Mediterranean nation with centuries of cheese-making tradition. From Manchego to Mahon, brie cheese has been an important part of Spanish cuisine for years. In fact, some of the best brie cheese in the world can be found in Spain! With Torg, buyers can easily find reliable Spanish suppliers who source their brie cheese from farms and dairies throughout the country. Whether it's for private label or wholesale, Torg makes it easy to navigate through Spain's varied landscape of producers and get exactly what you need.
  2. Italy: Italy is known worldwide for its delicious cheeses and its commitment to producing high quality dairy products. Brie Cheese is no exception - Italian producers are among the most renowned in Europe for their exquisite range of flavors and textures. And with Torg, buyers from all over the world can tap into this network and find any kind of Italian brie cheese they may be looking for. Private label orders or bulk shipments? No problem - just use Torg to find your ideal supplier!
  3. United Kingdom: The United Kingdom has a long history of producing fine brie cheeses that have gained great popularity throughout Europe and beyond. UK suppliers are well known for maintaining strict standards when it comes to sourcing their ingredients and providing consistent results in terms of flavor and texture. With Torg, buyers can easily access this network of highly reputable UK suppliers and acquire whatever kind of brie cheese they may need - whether it's for private labeling or bulk orders!
  4. : France is probably the first place people think about when it comes to good brie cheese - after all, this is where it originated! French producers have perfected their craft over centuries, creating some truly unique varieties that blend complexity with subtlety like no other country can match. With Torg's help, buyers can now access this network quickly and efficiently - allowing them to get exactly what they need without having to spend hours researching each individual supplier themselves!