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Capture a vibrant image of a variety of fresh formaggi cheeses from b2b suppliers in Spain, Italy and other parts of the Mediterranean region. Showcase the unique flavors and textures that make each cheese distinct to highlight the supplier's offerings for private label products.

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Buying Trends for Formaggi

  1. Global Demand Growth: Over the last few decades, the global demand for Formaggi has grown significantly. Consumers are increasingly looking to buy products with higher quality and unique flavours, leading to a surge in popularity of specialty cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano and Taleggio. In addition, more people are buying Formaggi from local markets as well as online retailers. This is due to the availability of fresh produce at competitive prices. Finally, there has been a growing trend among businesses to source Formaggi from suppliers in their region or nearby countries such as Italy or Spain.
  2. Regional Growth Potential: In terms of growth potential within Europe, it is estimated that over 60% of Formaggi production will take place in Italy by 2021 with other significant producers being France, Germany and Bulgaria. Furthermore, the European market is expected to experience increased demand for private label cheese producers who can offer superior product quality compared to traditional brands at a competitive price point. On an international level, countries such as China have experienced rapid growth in their dairy industry including Formaggi production which could lead to further opportunities for suppliers in the b2b space.

Creative Ways to Use Formaggi

  1. Pizza: Pizza is a classic Italian dish that utilizes the deliciousness of Formaggi. From mozzarella and provolone, to parmesan and gorgonzola, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating unique pizzas with Formaggi. Whether you’re using a traditional Italian recipe or creating your own unique concoction of ingredients, adding Formaggi will make any pizza more flavorful and delicious.
  2. Cheese Board/Platter: One of the best ways to enjoy Formaggi is by making a simple cheese board or platter. All you need is some fresh baguette, crackers, jams, olives and various types of Formaggi such as Gouda, Brie or Roquefort. You can also add different kinds of nuts for additional crunchiness or cured meats for extra flavor. This makes an excellent snack for gatherings or just an easy way to satisfy your cravings throughout the day.
  3. Lasagna: Another creative way to use Formaggi is in lasagna dishes. Layering noodles with delicious sauces and herbs together with different types of Formaggi can create heavenly meals that will leave everyone asking for seconds! Using Ricotta cheese gives lasagnas an extremely creamy texture while Parmigiano Reggiano adds extra saltiness and flavor. Whether you’re making a vegetarian lasagna or one filled with meats, don’t forget about adding some quality grated cheese on top before baking – it really does make all the difference!

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