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At Torg, we understand how important it is to get the right product at the right price. That's why we provide a wide selection of Halloumi Cheese from all over the world. We have suppliers in Europe and Mediterranean countries offering products of different quality levels suitable for any budget. Whether you are looking for private label or wholesale options, our platform can help you with sourcing Halloumi Cheese quickly and efficiently.

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Discover the Nutritional Benefits of Buying Wholesale Halloumi Cheese From Torg

  1. Nutritional Qualities: Halloumi cheese is a semi-hard, unripened brined cheese made from goat's and/or sheep's milk. It has a unique flavor that pairs well with many dishes and is popular in Mediterranean cuisine. Halloumi cheese is high in calcium, protein and fat, making it an ideal choice for those watching their dietary intake. It also contains essential vitamins A, B12, and D which are important to overall health. Additionally, halloumi cheese is low in sodium compared to other cheeses. This makes it the perfect ingredient for adding flavor without excess salt.
  2. Health Benefits: Halloumi Cheese is known to be quite nutritious due to its high calcium content - up to 280mg per 100g of Halloumi - which allows the body to develop strong bones and teeth as well as helping with muscle repair and growth. The protein content of Halloumi Cheese also helps to build cells throughout the body - this means your muscles can recover fast during exercise or sports activities and you can get back into shape quickly! It also contains Vitamin A, B12 & D which are essential for maintaining our overall health as well as being low in sodium compared to other cheeses which helps keep blood pressure at healthy levels.

Exploring the Most Relevant Locations for Halloumi Cheese Sourcing

  1. Spain: Spain is a Mediterranean country in Western Europe and a key player in halloumi cheese production. Thanks to its unique climate, its cows produce rich milk that gives the cheese an incomparable texture and taste. This makes it ideal for b2b sourcing and wholesale as well as private label needs. Torg is ready to assist buyers from all over the world with navigating the suppliers landscape of this region.
  2. Cyprus: Cyprus is an island nation in Eastern Mediterranean, which has long been known for producing some of the most delicious halloumi cheese. Being one of the few countries where this type of cheese underwent traditional artisanal production, it produces some of the highest quality halloumi today. Thanks to its vast network of suppliers, Torg can help buyers find what they are looking for easily and quickly in this region.
  3. Greece: Greece is another Mediterranean country in Southern Europe with a centuries-old tradition related to halloumi production. Its climate allows cows to graze on lush pastures full of herbs and wildflowers creating excellent quality milk for cheesemaking purposes. Torg can provide assistance to buyers interested in exploring this market or looking for particular products from Greece’s top suppliers.
  4. Italy: Italy is home to many famous food products including mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano, Gorgonzola and others - but it also offers great halloumi cheese sourced from local farms across the country. The Italian version of this popular product has specific characteristics that make it stand out among other types available on the market thanks to its unique blending method known only by Italian producers. Buyers looking for top quality Italian produced halloumi need look no further than Torg’s vast selection of suppliers connected with Italy’s leading producers.

Buying Trends For Halloumi Cheese

  1. Increasing Global Demand: Halloumi cheese has seen a steady increase in global demand over the past decade, particularly in Europe and the Mediterranean. This is likely due to its unique taste and texture, which appeals to buyers across various cultures. Demand for halloumi cheese in b2b markets has also grown significantly in recent years, as suppliers are increasingly finding private label and wholesale opportunities across Europe and beyond.
  2. Growing Vegan & Vegetarian Markets: The rise of veganism and vegetarianism has caused an increase in demand for halloumi cheese, as it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike. In addition, various health concerns have pushed buyers towards products like halloumi cheese that are low in fat content while still providing a rich flavor. As such, there is a growing trend of consumers seeking out natural ingredients with minimal processing or additives.