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Torg offers a wide selection of Parmigiano-Reggiano from top suppliers in Spain, Italy, and Europe. With our platform, you can easily source this popular cheese for your business needs. Whether you're looking to buy in bulk or create a private label product, Torg has got you covered. Our user-friendly web application allows buyers to submit product requests and request quotes from specific suppliers at their convenience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to discover the best deals for Parmigiano-Reggiano on Torg.

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Find the best Parmigiano-Reggiano b2b suppliers in Europe and the Mediterranean on Torg. Browse our selection of premium quality private label cheeses, sourced directly from Italy and Spain. Enjoy authentic flavors and top-notch quality with every bite. Discover the perfect Parmigiano-Reggiano for your business today!

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azienda agricola bonati giorgio logo
Azienda agricola bonati giorgio
Artisan Italian dairy company specializing in Parmigiano Reggiano and tomato passataProducing highquality products using milk from their own cows. Carefully crafted for perfect traceability. Contact for purchases.Parmigiano Reggiano, passata di pomodoro
Tomato puree
Tomato sauce
Parmesan cheese
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Italy VIA BOSCO 3 - montechiarugolo
consorzio latterie virgilio soc. agricola cooperativa logo
Consorzio latterie virgilio soc. agricola cooperativa
Consorzio Latterie Virgilio has been producing excellent Italian dairy products and cheeses for over fifty years, rigorously selected from controlled supply chains. Their unique selling point lies in being the only consortium in Italy that gathers both Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano producers. They pride themselves on their award-winning cheeses, recognized for their taste, aroma, and quality. Offering a wide range of dairy products, including butter, mascarpone, and various types of grated cheeses, all made with a focus on sustainability and controlled production processes.
Semi-skimmed pasteurised milk
Pasteurised milks
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Italy Strada Statale Romana Sud, 76/B - CARPI (MO)
Certificates: All
acetificio carandini emilio spa logo
Acetificio carandini emilio spa
Carandini offers a taste of Modena with their ancient tradition of producing premium vinegar. Their products are the result of four centuries of history, reflecting excellence and creativity. Explore their range of condiments and recipes, including dishes like chicken salad with rice vinegar dressing and sustainable balsamic vinegar. Carandini continues the passion of the Carandini family with a legacy of bringing Italian flavors to your table. Follow them for the latest updates and culinary inspirations. Less than 700 characters
Black vinegars
Apple cider vinegar
Spanish vinegars
Cider vinegar
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Certificates: All
dalterfood group logo
Dalterfood group
Dalterfood Group specializes in producing highquality Italian cheeses such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, and portionedgrated cheeses for wholesalers, food industries, supermarkets, and restaurants. Their primary focus is on providing the best Italian cheese solutions with certified quality and a complete integration from milk collection to distribution. They stand out for their consultative approach, motivation, and innovation in offering tailored cheese products for the food industry, food service, and retail sectors.
Mozzarella cheese
Pecorino romano
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Italy - - -
Certificates: All

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Fssc 22000

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