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Torg offers an extensive selection of nut mixes to meet all your business needs. Whether you are looking for something traditional like pistachio and almond mixes or something unique like flavoured cashews or hazelnuts- we have it all! With our convenient online marketplace, you can find the right nut mix quickly and easily. We offer wholesalers, private labels, and customized options from vendors throughout Spain, Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean region so you can find exactly what you need at affordable prices.

Capture the vibrancy of a nut mix bowl - full of different types of nuts, dried fruit and chocolate chips, all glistening in the light. Focus on the variety of colors and textures in the mix that make it so appealing! Showcase how this wholesome snack can bring pleasure to any occasion.

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Packaging Options

  1. Bulk Packaging: Bulk packaging is a great option for b2b buyers, as they can purchase larger quantities with a single order. This allows them to reduce costs and create a consistent supply of nut mix for their business. This method is often seen in wholesale, private label, and sourcing businesses.
  2. Pre-Packaged: Pre-packaged nut mix offers convenience and portability. This makes it ideal for retail purchases such as supermarkets and groceries. B2B buyers may also find this helpful if they are looking to purchase ready-to-go products without having to package the product themselves.
  3. Vacuum Packaging: Vacuum packaging is an excellent choice for preserving freshness while allowing the product to stay shelf stable for longer periods of time. Nut mix is particularly prone to spoilage due to its moisture content, so vacuum packing helps ensure that the product reaches its destination in pristine condition.

Recent Supply Chain Issues in the Nut Mix Industry

  1. Quality Control and Sourcing Reliability: In the last few decades, the nut mix industry has seen significant challenges with supply chain management. The main issue is related to quality control and ensuring that businesses receive safe, high-quality products. Another concern is finding a reliable source of supply to meet increasing demand, especially as the market becomes more globalized. Additionally, sourcing from suppliers in different countries can lead to issues related to currency exchange rate fluctuations and logistics delays.
  2. Private Labeling: With production costs rising due to increasing competition, many businesses in the nut mix industry have turned towards private labeling their products. This process requires careful compliance with health regulations and certifications for each country or region where the product is sold. It also requires thorough research into suppliers' abilities to comply with standards such as organic certification, food safety protocols, labor laws, etc.