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If you're looking for quality legume products, Torg is the answer. We offer an extensive selection of legumes from trusted suppliers around Europe and the Mediterranean, suitable for private labeling, wholesaling and sourcing. We understand that every business is unique and strive to provide accurate solutions tailored to our customers' needs. We guarantee high-quality products with competitive prices and reliable service.

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la conservera española (hijos de pablo gil guillén,s.l.) logo
La conservera española (hijos de pablo gil guillén,s.l.)
The Spanish canning company and Carfruit specialize in manufacturing and exporting vegetable preserves, fruits, legumes, and pickles. With a history dating back to 1970, they offer a wide range of highquality canned fruits, vegetables, legumes, and pickles. They prioritize quality, safety, and customer satisfaction in their production process, ensuring timely delivery tailored to customer needs. With a focus on using the best raw materials, they have become renowned worldwide, especially in Spain and Italy, under the brands Carfruit and Spanish Canner. Explore their product catalog in PDF format for their certified quality offerings.
Vegetable pickles
Canned berries
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Spain . - .
Certificates: All
henry lamotte food gmbh logo
Henry lamotte food gmbh
Henry Lamotte Food GmbH is a leading supplier of high-quality foods from around the world. We provide tailor-made ingredients to the food manufacturing industry and top finished products to the food trade.
White asparagus
Pinto beans
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Germany Auf dem Dreieck 3 - Bremen
di nunzio s.r.l. logo
Di nunzio s.r.l.
Di Nunzio srl is one of the leading Italian companies committed to the production, processing and marketing of dried fruit and pulses. Since its establishment as a local company for the processing of hazelnuts which came from the neighbouring region of Campania in the Fifties, Di Nunzio steadily developed and, thanks to its huge range of self-produced products, complemented and enriched by products coming from leading Companies worldwide, today it is one of the leading companies nationwide both for pulses and dried fruit.
Legume pasta
Dried star fruit
Fruit snacks
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Italy ZONA PIP - STR. PROV. 142 KM42+778 - San Paolo di Civitate (FG)
Certificates: All
sawex foods logo
Sawex foods
SAWEX Sp. z o.o. was the Polish first importer of boil-in-bag rice introducing this form of packaging on the domestic market. Initially, we cooperated with Mueller’s Muehle, a German manufacturer of dry products and became the exclusive distributor of its brands (Britta, Golden Reis and Doris) on the Polish market. At the same time SAWEX also exported Polish foodstuffs becoming the largest exporter of beans in 1993.
Breakfast cereals
Quinoa milks
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Poland ul. Wiertnicza 70 - Warszawa
Certificates: All

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