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Torg is a leading b2b supplier of food products offering an extensive selection of seeds. We source our high-quality seeds from all over Europe and the Mediterranean region to cater to businesses of all sizes. Our selection includes everything from staple vegetables to rare herbs, allowing buyers to find exactly what they need in one place. We also offer customization options such as private labeling services for clients who require it.

Capture an image of a farmer cultivating and sowing seeds in their field, with mountains or fields in the background. Focus on the beauty and intricacy of the act of seeding while also emphasizing the importance of it to our food supply. Emphasize the natural beauty that surrounds it while conveying a message about sustainability or self-sufficiency.

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Buying Trends in Seeds

  1. Private Label Needs Increase: In recent years, more and more businesses have been turning to seeds for their private label needs. Many businesses are looking for a reliable supplier of high quality seeds that can be customized for their specific needs. This has caused an increase in demand for wholesale seeds from b2b suppliers across Europe, the Mediterranean, and beyond.
  2. Demand For Plant-Based Protein Surges: With European consumers becoming increasingly health conscious, they've been turning to plant-based diets as an alternative source of protein. This shift has caused a surge in demand for high quality, organic seeds as a health promoting food source. Suppliers of b2b seeds are now sourcing vegan friendly and gluten free options to meet this increased demand in Europe and beyond.

Supply Chain Issues in the Seeds Industry

  1. Storage & Transportation Networks: In recent years, one of the biggest issues in the seeds industry is a lack of proper storage facilities and transportation networks for transporting goods from suppliers to buyers. This has caused increased costs for buyers, who have had to bear the brunt of these additional costs. Additionally, climate change has led to an increase in crop cycles, resulting in unpredictable yields and supply shortages.
  2. Labour Shortage: Another issue that has impacted the seeds industry is a global shortage of labour. The demand for skilled workers has risen, causing wages to increase significantly in some areas. This has made it difficult for some businesses to stay competitive as they struggle to find suitable workers at affordable rates.
  3. Pests & Diseases: One of the biggest threats to the seeds industry comes from pests and diseases that can affect crops on a large scale. This can result in significant losses if not addressed quickly and effectively. Furthermore, extreme weather events such as droughts and floods can also cause damage to crops and disrupt supply chains.