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Welcome to Torg, the leading b2b food products marketplace. We offer a vast selection of high quality shelled hazelnuts from top suppliers in Spain, Italy and all over Europe. Our sourcing process ensures that you receive only the freshest and finest nuts for your business needs. Whether you're looking to buy in bulk or private label, we have you covered. Browse our variety of shelled hazelnuts and find the perfect fit for your unique requirements. Trust Torg for all your wholesale food product needs.

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Premium quality shelled hazelnuts from Italy for wholesale b2b sourcing on Torg's Mediterranean marketplace. Perfect for private label packaging in Europe.

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Barbero s.r.l.
Barbero Nocciole follows every stage of hazelnut processing from cultivation to the production of processed or semifinished products. With over fifty years of experience, Barbero selects the best hazelnuts for the food industry, offering peeled hazelnuts, toasted hazelnuts, hazelnut paste, hazelnut granules, hazelnut flour, and hazelnut shells. Partnering with Corifrut, Barbero is dedicated to quality, ensuring the best hazelnuts are selected season after season.less than 700 characters
Roasted hazelnuts
Shelled chestnuts
Shelled hazelnuts
Blanched roasted hazelnuts
Italy VIA DELLE ROCCHE, 4 - Santo Stefano Belbo (CN)
Certificates: All
Balsu gida san ve tic a.s.
specializes in creating the highest value in the global industry of nutsBalsu ensures a sustainable and socially responsible supply chain from the peanut farm to the customer's warehouse. They are committed to continuous investment in product quality, offering reliable services designed for customer satisfaction.
Roasted hazelnuts
Shelled hazelnuts
Blanched roasted hazelnuts
Turkey Factory: Necatipaşa Mah Balsu Cad. No:2/A Hendek, - Sakarya
Certificates: All
EURONUT SpA - Sperone (AV) logo
Euronut spa - sperone (av)
Euronut is a company specializing in semi-finished products of dried fruits such as hazelnuts, pistachios, and almonds. With a focus on tradition and quality since 1996, they offer a range of products including hazelnut paste, almond and pistachio semi-finished goods. Their commitment to ethical and environmental sustainability, along with a dedication to producing high-quality and safe products, has made them a trusted choice for confectionery and beverage industries worldwide. Explore their certifications and premium nut-based products today!
Roasted hazelnuts
Roasted pistachios
See all
Italy Via Santa Z.I. - Sperone (AV)
Certificates: All
Francesco Basile & Co S.R.L. logo
Francesco basile & co s.r.l.
"Basile F.Srl specializes in the processing of hazelnuts, offering a wide range of products such as whole hazelnuts, hazelnut kernels, toasted hazelnut flour, and more. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction since 1965, they ensure high-quality standards through technological investments and optimized resource management. Their flexibility in production allows them to meet every customer's needs in the confectionery industry."
Roasted hazelnuts
Shelled chestnuts
Shelled hazelnuts
Blanched roasted hazelnuts
Italy Via Abate Minichini, 11 - 80039 Saviano ( NA) - SAVIANO (NA)
Certificates: All

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