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If you're looking for high quality toasted sesame, look no further than Torg. Our b2b marketplace connects buyers with top suppliers from around the world. Whether you're in Spain, Italy or elsewhere in Europe or the Mediterranean, we have the perfect sources for all your culinary needs.

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A selection of toasted sesame products, perfect for your b2b food sourcing needs. Discover the rich flavors of Spain and Italy with our wholesale offerings. From oil to snacks, we've got you covered. Don't miss out on our private label options for a unique touch to your menu. Explore the delicious and versatile world of toasted sesame with Torg.

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azzayt logo
Explore excellence in every drop with Azzayt. Our carefully selected oils offer a pure taste and quality. Discover the authentic flavor in Azzayt's premium quality oils. From bulk products to private label, we provide a variety of olive and avocado oils in different packaging options. Contact us for a quote today!
Olive oil
Sesame oil
Avocado oil
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Spain - - -
Adida Spices Co. For Industry & Trade logo
Adida spices co. for industry & trade
Adida Spices offers a wide variety of quality spices, herbs, and oriental blends, all proudly Lebanese and ISO 22000 certified. Their products are 100% natural without any artificial additives, ensuring freshness and top quality. Whether you're looking for traditional Lebanese flavors or innovative spice blends, Adida Spices has got you covered. Experience the taste of healthy and authentic Lebanese cuisine with their top-notch products since 2007.
Ginger powder
Cinnamon powder
Flax seed flours
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Lebanon Dawhet Aramoun -Beirut-Lebanon - Dawhet Aramoun
Certificates: All
gerio logo
The company offers a wide variety of highquality candies and chocolates, with and without sugar, available online since 1939. They specialize in a range of flavors such as balsamic filled candies, classic candies, sugarfree options, mints, and more. With over a hundred products to choose from, including organic and ecofriendly options, customers can enjoy secure payment methods like credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer. Follow them on Instagram for more.
Soft caramel candy
Lemon jellies
Liquorice candy
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Sri Lanka . - .
NB FOODS S. DE R.L. DE C.V. logo
Nb foods s. de r.l. de c.v.
NBF Market is a Mexican company specializing in manufacturing, outsourcing, and distributing organic products such as avocado oil, agave inulin, agave syrup, nopal powder, and more. They offer a wide range of organic products including oils, sweeteners, flours, body care, and healthy food kits. With over 10 years of experience, they provide highquality organic options for both individual consumers and businesses looking to incorporate healthy choices into their menus. Visit NBF Market for a taste of authentic Mexican traditions with a healthy and modern twist.
Virgin coconut oils
Dried coconut flour
Toasted sesame
Extra virgin olive oil
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Mexico Av. Jalisco No. 1924, Int. 23, 24, 25, 26, 37, 38, 39, 40, Col. Tesistán - Zapopan
Certificates: All

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Fssc 22000

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