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We take pride in being Poland's largest producer of caramel nuts, boasting a remarkable 30-year track record that has established us as a reliable and trusted partner in the industry. As a producer, our reputation is built on an extensive range of production capabilities and a high production capacity. Our topmost priority is ensuring the safety and quality of our products, and we adhere to international IFS standards to guarantee excellence. Our diverse assortment of delectable treats includes a wide range of options: Nuts in caramel A mixture of dried fruits Raw and roasted nuts Salty snacks featuring dried fruit, coated nuts, crunchy corn, and broad beans Fruit and nut bars Energy balls Fruits and nuts coated in chocolate Premium pralines and sugar-free chocolates Corn chips with chocolate Driven by a passion for unique flavors, we craft captivating sweets, all while upholding the highest standards in ingredient quality. We take immense joy in creating delightful treats and cease our efforts only when we're sure we have achieved perfection. Should you wish to purchase any of our products or explore the possibility of creating your private label, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are eager to collaborate with you in delivering exceptional sweet indulgences to the world. Meet our second brand CHAOS be my box - a collection of unique gift sets. Choose the ones that best help you emphasize the unique emotions of unforgettable moments or ask us about personalization.
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Poland Fabryczna 6 Wrocław - wrocław
Borghini s.r.l.
Borghini is a modern and innovative company specializing in the sale of spices, herbs, dried fruits, legumes, cereals, and dehydrated ready meals that express the richness of Italian and Mediterranean culinary traditions. They believe in preserving culinary traditions by offering healthy and flavorful solutions, with a focus on natural products that promote well-being. Their extensive product line includes high-quality dried fruits and ingredients for the Horeca sector, reflecting their commitment to quality and taste, making every meal a delightful experience. "Experience the richness of Italian and Mediterranean culinary traditions with Borghini's high-quality and healthy products for the Horeca sector."
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Italy Via T. Edison 27, 29, 29B - AREZZO
Certificates: All
EURONUT SpA - Sperone (AV) logo
Euronut spa - sperone (av)
Euronut is a company specializing in semi-finished products of dried fruits such as hazelnuts, pistachios, and almonds. With a focus on tradition and quality since 1996, they offer a range of products including hazelnut paste, almond and pistachio semi-finished goods. Their commitment to ethical and environmental sustainability, along with a dedication to producing high-quality and safe products, has made them a trusted choice for confectionery and beverage industries worldwide. Explore their certifications and premium nut-based products today!
Roasted hazelnuts
Roasted pistachios
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Italy Via Santa Z.I. - Sperone (AV)
Certificates: All
Madi Ventura S.p.a. logo
Madi ventura s.p.a.
Apples jellies
Pine nut
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Italy Via dell’Industria, 14 - Chieve CR
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