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Are you looking for a reliable supplier of salted nuts? Look no further than Torg's b2b marketplace! We offer a wide selection of wholesale and private label options from top producers in Europe, including Spain, Italy, and the Mediterranean. Our platform makes it easy to source high-quality products at competitive prices. Browse our extensive database today!

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Find the perfect Salted Nuts supplier for your business on Torg. Our b2b marketplace offers a wide range of wholesale options from Spain, Italy and all over Europe. We also offer sourcing and private label services for Mediterranean-inspired snacks. Discover our selection of delicious Salted Nuts now!

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Generous sa
Products: chocolate, chocolate products Dark chocolate/Dark cream chocolate Coconut chocolate Full-milk chocolate Fine bakery products Butter pretzels/butter pastries/butter biscuits Bbiscuits assortments/chocolate coated biscuits Lemon biscuits Vegan biscuits Sugar-reduced-biscuits Lactose-free biscuits Gluten-free biscuits Snack foods Pretzels/salted cocktail snacks/salted sticks Cheese biscuits/assorted cheese snacks/cheese wafers/ cheese rolls Salted snacks (pretzels/assortments/sticks) Biscuit snacks Vegan snack foods Sugar-reduced snack foods Lactose-free snack foods Gluten-free snack foods Trend Snacks & Natural Snacks Vegan trend snacks Product emphasis: Snack foods Trend Snacks & Natural Snacks Trend subjects: Allergy friendly Handcrafted products/Artisan Organic Private label Vegan Target and outlet markets: Canada China India Japan Northern Europe Others Eastern Europe Southern Europe USA Western Europe
Dark chocolate bar
Chocolate milk
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Belgium Rue de l'Atelier 9, 1480 Tubize, Belgium - Tubize
Bako-nuts dooel skopje
Bako Nuts offers a wide range of premium nuts, dried fruits, and healthy snacks all in one place. With over 20 years of experience, they focus on providing quality, variety, and freshness to their customers. Their new products include Suprimo buckwheat groats, chickpeas, hulled millet, bulgur, and red lentils. From roasted and salted nuts to raw, unsalted mixes, Bako Nuts is your go-to destination for delicious and nutritious snacks.
Chocolate covered peanuts
Dried strawberries
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Macedonia 17, Kachanichki pat Str., Vizbegovo - Skopje
Certificates: All
Velarte logo
Products: Snack foods Peanuts Salted snacks (pretzels/assortments/sticks) Wheat snacks Sunflower seeds Product emphasis: Snack foods Trend subjects: Impulse packages Private label Target and outlet markets: Canada Japan Middle East New Zealand Northern Europe Southern Europe USA Western Europe Outbound: Germany, Cologne │ Anuga Japan, Tokyo │ ISM Japan Japan, Tokyo │ Wine & Gourmet Japan - powered by ProWein UAE, Dubai │ ISM Middle East
Plain salty snacks
Special bread
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Spain 46470 Catarroja, Valencia, Spain - Catarroja
Certificates: All
Boehli logo
Products: Snack foods Cocktail biscuits Salted pretzels and rolls Assorted nuts / assorted nuts and raisins Salted snacks (pretzels/assortments/sticks) Product emphasis: Snack foods Target and outlet markets: China Japan Middle East Northern Europe Southern Europe Western Europe
Salted nuts
Chocolate biscuits
Salty snack
Nuts & seeds
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France 14 Rue des Genêts, 67110 Gundershoffen, France - Gundershoffen
Certificates: All

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Czech republic

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Fssc 22000

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