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A close-up shot of a smoked bacon sandwich with crispy slices of bacon, fresh lettuce and tomatoes on top of a soft bun. The packaging has the Torg logo in bold letters. In the background are rows of neatly stacked packages of Torg's premium smoked bacon from suppliers in Spain and Italy, available for sourcing, wholesale and private label deals for businesses all over Europe and the Mediterranean.

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Van der Mey Vers Vlees & Bacon Export  logo
Van der mey vers vlees & bacon export
Van der Mey specializes in exporting fresh meat and bacon worldwide, offering over 75 years of craftsmanship. They provide personalized services by tailoring production and packaging to meet customer needs, ensuring efficient adaptability to market trends. With a processing capacity of 750 tons per week and a freezing capacity of 800 tons, they offer flexibility in stock management and international transportation. Their signature product, Krull Dutch pork, is raised in spacious, comfortable pens, resulting in high-quality, flavorful meat with a sustainability-focused approach. Experience their dedication to quality and innovation through their Frying Dutchmen label, known for its commitment to excellence and convenience in responding to market demands.
Fresh meats
Fresh chicken
Smoked bacon
Netherlands Edisonstraat 16 - SASSENHEIM
Certificates: All
Zwiers Vleeswaren BV  logo
Zwiers vleeswaren bv
Zwiers Vleeswaren is a producer of products made in an authentic and traditional way. If you're looking for a distinctive product for your deli section, Zwiers Vleeswaren is the right place to find it. Specializing in products like rookvlees, katenspek, bacon, and more.
Smoked bacon
Netherlands Wargaren 13 - Lith
Certificates: All
Salumificio pianellese srl
Salumificio Pianellese specializes in producing a variety of traditional and high-quality cured meat products, such as pancetta and guanciale, since 1967. Their products, including sliced and diced pancetta, are made with natural ingredients and undergo rigorous quality control to ensure consistency and safety. With a focus on innovation and modern processing techniques, they offer a range of both bulk and portioned products, catering to different customer needs.
Smoked bacon
Sliced bacon
Italy Via del Santuario 38 - Alta Val Tidone (PC)
Certificates: All
Embutidos Monells S.A., Planta 2 logo
Embutidos monells s.a., planta 2
Embutidos Monells is a familyowned company founded in Seva in 1975, specializing in the manufacturing and commercialization of sausages and meat products. They have two facilities in Sant Miquel de Baleny and one in Les Masies de Voltreg, equipped with stateoftheart technology for maximum hygiene standards, protective atmosphere, extreme cold, and air filtration to ensure highquality products. Their primary selling point is offering a wide range of sausages and meat products.
Cooked ham choice
Smoked bacon
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Spain C/ Afores s/n, - Masies de Voltrega
Certificates: All

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