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At Torg, we have a vast selection of quality meat products sourced directly from farmers and suppliers all over Europe and the Mediterranean. We understand that sourcing the right product for your business is important which is why we provide an immense range of options to help you find what you are looking for. Whether it's beef, poultry or anything else, we guarantee top-notch quality at competitive prices.

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Torg is a global B2B food products marketplace where buyers can find high-quality pasta products in one platform.
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Delicious Recipes for Your Meat Dishes

  1. Create Traditional Paellas:
    Enjoy a delicious paella with the best Spanish chorizo! Paella is a beloved Mediterranean dish that can be made with any kind of meat. Whether you are looking for beef, chicken, pork, or even seafood to make your paella complete, Torg's b2b suppliers can provide access to premium-quality ingredients from Spain and beyond. With its wide selection of meats and other components such as saffron and olive oil, Torg can help you source the perfect ingredients for your paella.
  2. Make Savory Risottos:
    For a lighter meal try making a delicious risotto with Italian sausage! Risotto is an Italian dish that is often served as main course but it can also be used as side dish. From Parmigiano Reggiano cheese to Pecorino Romano cheese, Torg has all the necessary ingredients to create the perfect risotto. With its extensive list of suppliers located in Italy and across Europe, Torg makes sure that you get only the highest quality products at unbeatable prices.
  3. Craft Custom Snack Mixes:
    If you want something truly unique then create your own homemade snacks mix with different varieties of meat and vegetables! The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating custom snack mixes – from traditional Spanish chorizo combined with bell peppers to dried meats combined with nuts and seeds – all complemented by special sauces provided by Torg's private label suppliers in the Mediterranean region. With its wide selection of wholesalers located throughout Spain and Italy, Torg provides access to top quality ingredients for any type of snack mix imaginable.

Related products and categories

  1. Pork:
    Meat products such as pork provide a great source of protein and nutrients. The popular cuts of pork include chops, ribs, bacon, loin, back fat, ham and tenderloin. Pork is versatile and can be used in many different dishes. It is also popular in b2b settings for suppliers looking for wholesale or private label options in the Mediterranean region.
  2. Beef:
    Beef is an ideal meat product for buyers looking for b2b suppliers across Europe and the Mediterranean region. It offers a high-quality protein source and is popular among many cuisines from around the world. Popular cuts include steaks, roasts, brisket, ground beef and short ribs.
  3. Lamb:
    Lamb meat provides a unique flavor to recipes that other meats cannot match. Popular lamb cuts include leg of lamb, shoulder chops, shanks and rack of lamb which are all available from Torg's suppliers for sourcing purposes as well as wholesale or private label agreements. Lamb is often found in Mediterranean cuisine.
  4. Duck:
    Duck meat provides a succulent flavor which makes it popular within the b2b sector when sourcing from Torg's suppliers for both wholesale and private label deals within Europe and the Mediterranean region. Common duck cuts include whole duck breasts, thighs legs and wings with each offering its own unique flavor profile to various dishes that might be served up at restaurants or catering services.
  5. Game Meats:
    Game meats provide an interesting variety to meals which customers may find appealing when sourced from Torg's supplier base across Europe or the Mediterranean region either through wholesale or private label agreements . These game meats can range from venison to rabbit to wild boar depending on what local farmers have available at any given time which makes them exciting choices for curious customers looking to explore new flavors beyond traditional poultry or beef options.

Meat Suppliers Around the World

  1. Spain:
    Spain is incredibly rich in its meat culture, with dishes and recipes that have been passed down for generations. It is one of the largest producers of pork, beef, chicken and lamb in Europe. For centuries, Spanish farmers have used sustainable methods to raise livestock. Torg can help you source a variety of Spanish meats from trusted suppliers needed for your private label business.
  2. Italy:
    Italy has a long history of producing some of the best quality meats in the world due to its expansive agricultural practices. From cured prosciutto to dry aged bresaola, Italian meat has a tale of tradition behind it that dates back centuries. With Torg’s vast selection of Italian suppliers, you can find all the classic cuts as well as specialty varieties for your business needs with ease.
  3. Mediterranean Region:
    The Mediterranean region is known for its unique blend of traditional and contemporary cuisine which includes an abundance of fresh seafood and game meats such as lamb and rabbit. This warm climate also serves to produce succulent olive oil that adds flavor to many dishes throughout the area. Torg offers access to an extensive list of Mediterranean suppliers who provide local specialties such as salami or ham from small family farms for your wholesale meat sourcing needs.
  4. Central Europe:
    Central Europe boasts some exquisite delicacies when it comes to meat products like sausages or smoked sausages from Germany or Czech Republic among others. From wild boar salami found in Austria or Poland’s famous kabanosy sausages - these countries offer a wide range of excellent options for B2B food buyers looking for high quality meat products at competitive prices through Torg’s platform.

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