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Are you looking for reliable suppliers for your next Burger order? Look no further than Torg! Our online marketplace is the perfect destination to find wholesalers and retailers offering top-notch quality burgers from all over the world. Whether you are looking for European brands or Mediterranean flavors, you can easily explore our vast range of suppliers – browsing through different categories and getting quotes quickly and efficiently. With us, you will have access to private label options as well – making sure your customers get unique products that stand out from the competition. So why wait? Start shopping today!

Capture a burger being cooked over an open flame, with the focus on the charring of the patty and/or bacon. Let the smoky aroma draw in your audience. Showcase how juicy, delicious and mouth-watering this burger is! Add a touch of your location to make it unique - fresh tomatoes from Italy or Spain, for example.

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Related products and categories

  1. Veggie Burgers: Veggie Burgers are a popular alternative to classic beef burgers, and can be sourced from the same suppliers. The two products have similar characteristics, but may vary in ingredients and nutritional value. Torg's selection of veggie burgers includes vegan options, as well as gluten free and organic varieties.
  2. Burger Patties: Burger patties are similar to burgers, but they are pre-formed meat portions that can be used to make multiple hamburgers quickly and easily. Torg has an exhaustive selection of burger patties available in different sizes for private label customers or bulk orders.
  3. Sliders: Sliders are mini versions of hamburgers that come with all the same toppings and condiments as a normal burger. They are usually served three at a time on small buns and allow customers to sample multiple flavors without having to commit to an entire burger each time. Torg offers sliders made with beef, chicken, lamb, turkey or vegetarian patties for b2b buyers across Europe and Mediterranean markets.
  4. Hot Dogs: Hot dogs are another classic type of fast food that is popular among many cultures around the world. There can also be found different types such as bratwurst (Germany), chorizo (Spain) and frankfurters (USA). At Torg there is a wide variety available for both domestic markets such as Spain or Italy as well as international ones like USA or Germany.
  5. Wraps & Tortillas: Wraps & tortillas provide an interesting alternative to sandwiches or hamburgers when looking for something quick yet filling meal option. On Torg buyers can find both types of products in various flavors such as cheese & garlic wraps , onion & herb tortillas or spinach wrap sheets coming from local manufacturers in Mediterranean countries like Spain, Greece and Italy .

  1. Increase in Global Consumption: In the last few decades, Burger consumption has skyrocketed in both B2B and consumer markets. It is a staple in most diets all around the world, with Europe leading the way for consumption on the continent. B2B demand for Burgers have been driven by an increase in restaurant chains and fast food outlets, while consumer demand has increased due to convenience and growing awareness of health benefits. Local suppliers have been able to meet this demand across Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Spain and Greece.
  2. Popularity of Private Label Products: Private label products are increasingly becoming popular among Burger buyers. With private labels, businesses can offer their customers unique products that stand out from competitors without having to design or manufacture them themselves. This trend is especially popular among Spanish buyers who are looking for high quality Burgers at competitive prices from reliable suppliers in the area.

Delicious Burgers for Your Pleasure

  1. Beef Burgers: Burgers are a great way to satisfy your appetite. They can be enjoyed as a snack during the day or as part of a hearty meal. Whether you prefer traditional beef burgers, veggie options, or something else entirely, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. With Torg's selection of high-quality ingredients and products from suppliers around the world, it's easy to find what you're looking for. Plus, with our b2b wholesale market, you can get everything you need in bulk at an affordable price.
  2. Lamb Burgers: Looking for something different when it comes to burgers? Why not try out lamb burgers? Lamb is known for being extremely flavorful and succulent when cooked correctly – perfect for juicy burgers! With Torg's selection of specialized suppliers all over Europe, it's easy to find exactly what you're looking for in terms of quality and price. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with some deliciousness from the Mediterranean.
  3. Vegan Burgers: For those who are looking for plant-based alternatives that still have great flavor and texture, why not try vegan burgers? You can easily find vegan burger patties made with various ingredients such as lentils, beans or seitan which give them an excellent meaty texture and flavour profile compared to their animal based counterparts. With Torg's vast selection of vegan wholesale suppliers across Europe you can get the exact product that meets your needs both in terms of quality and price.