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Looking for the best cold cut suppliers? With Torg you can easily source high-quality products from all over the world. We offer a broad selection of both wholesale and private label options to meet your needs. Our expansive database includes suppliers from Europe, Mediterranean, Spain and Italy — making sure you get only the best quality cold cut products at competitive prices.

Capture a close-up shot of a variety of cold cuts, such as salami, ham, and other cured meats. Showcase the colors and textures of the cold cuts against an appealing background. Focus on b2b supplier sourcing, wholesale options, and private label solutions for this product category. Add location to your image by including ingredients from Spain or Italy or other Mediterranean countries that are associated with Cold Cut products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are cold cuts?

Cold cuts are a variety of prepared meats, usually sliced to order, that are commonly found in delis and supermarkets. They can be made from beef, pork, turkey and other types of meat. Buying cold cuts in bulk is a great way for businesses to save money through wholesale pricing. Torg is an excellent place to find suppliers who offer cold cuts and other food products at competitive prices.

What are the benefits of buying cold cuts in bulk?

Bulk purchasing of cold cuts can be beneficial for businesses requiring large quantities of the product. Many suppliers on Torg offer wholesale prices as well as private label services, allowing buyers to customize products with their own branding or packaging requirements.

What types of cold cuts can I find?

Cold cut varieties differ greatly depending on which country you’re sourcing from – Europe has an abundance of salamis and cured meats while Mediterranean countries like Spain and Italy have their own versions with unique flavors. Through Torg's extensive database, buyers will be able to easily find suppliers who specialize in their desired type of product wherever they may come from.

What kind of packaging do most suppliers use for bulk orders?

Depending on the supplier, some common packaging options for bulk orders include vacuum sealed containers, plastic bags or trays or even tin cans or jars. Using Torg's advanced search tools can help buyers quickly narrow down potential options based on specific requirements such as packing material or size preference.

How long do cold cut products typically last?

The shelf life varies greatly between different types and brands of cold cut products due to variations in processing methods and ingredients used by different manufacturers. Buyers should always ask suppliers about shelf life information before placing a large order so they know exactly how long it will last once delivered.

Packaging Options

  1. Vacuum Sealing: Vacuum sealed packaging is a great way for b2b buyers to preserve cold cut products longer and ensure they won't spoil during transportation. It's an ideal way for private label suppliers or large wholesalers to package their goods.
  2. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP): An effective option for transporting cold cut products is modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). MAP can maintain the freshness of food by controlling the gases surrounding them, creating a protective barrier and keeping microbes out. It’s often used by suppliers that provide goods across Spain, Italy, Europe and other Mediterranean countries.
  3. Frozen Packaging: Another popular choice for b2b buyers when it comes to cold cut products is frozen packaging. Freezing preserves food at very low temperatures which makes it suitable for long-term storage and transportation in any climate. This type of packaging is perfect for international sourcing, as well as private label orders from distant countries such as New Zealand or South Africa.

Navigating the Suppliers Landscape in Cold Cut Locations

  1. Spain: Spain is a diverse country that has some of the best food products in the world. It is known for its cured meats and cold cuts, such as jamon serrano, chorizo, Salchichón and lomo embuchado. Paella is also a Spanish specialty dish which features cured meats like chicken or pork. Torg’s B2B marketplace can help buyers access high quality suppliers of these products from all over Spain with ease.
  2. Italy: Italy has long been a leader in producing premium cold cuts and charcuterie items. Prosciutto di Parma, Salami Milano, Mortadella Bologna and Coppa are just some of the dishes that Italy famous for. Furthermore, Italian cuisine has spread around the world and is very popular among many consumers. Torg’s platform offers easy access to suppliers of Italian cured meat products throughout Europe and beyond.
  3. Germany: Germany is another European country that produces excellent cold cuts. Traditional German dishes like Kassler (smoked pork) or Leberwurst (liver sausage) are well known across Europe for their quality ingredients and production methods. Torg can help buyers get connected to verified suppliers who produce these specialties in Germany under private label conditions according to customized specifications.
  4. Austria: Austria is home to some of the finest cold cut dishes on the market today such as Lyoner sausage or Speck bacon strips which are usually served on sandwiches or salads. Austria also produces a variety of deli items such as brie cheese or savory spreads like Liptauer cheese spread that can be used as condiments or as a snack by itself. With Torg’s platform buyers can easily find reliable Austrian suppliers to purchase any type of product they need from this region at wholesale prices with minimum effort involved!