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Torg is the perfect place to find all your wholesale beef needs! From grass-fed steak cuts to organic ground beef, we have a large selection of quality products sourced from trusted suppliers around the world. Whether you’re looking for local or international suppliers, private label options or bulk orders, we can help you make the right purchase decision for your business.

Capture a photograph of a succulent beef steak, freshly grilled and served in a vibrant plate - ideal for a b2b supplier sourcing wholesalers and private label customers. Showcase the deliciousness of beef or perhaps its versatility by using multiple types such as ground meat, filet mignon or short ribs. Location could be Mediterranean, Europe, Spain or Italy – all places where Torg’s suppliers are located.

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Beef Suppliers Around the World

  1. Spain: Spain is one of the top producers and exporters of beef in Europe. The country produces a wide variety of beef, including dry-aged steak with excellent marbling, wagyu beef, and black Iberian pork. With its unique climate and geography, Spain is known for producing some of the best quality beef in Europe. Torg can assist buyers with finding premium suppliers from across the country who are able to supply high-quality products at competitive prices.
  2. Italy: Italy is renowned for having some of the finest food offerings around the world. When it comes to beef, Italy offers plenty of options ranging from grass-fed to grain-fed animals, as well as specialty breeds like Chianina and Maremmana. As an experienced b2b marketplace in this sector, Torg can provide efficient access to Italian suppliers that offer both quality and diversity when it comes to their products.
  3. Brazil: Brazil has many wonderful opportunities for sourcing top-quality beef products. Beef production in Brazil is mainly focused on grassland farming which makes the meat leaner than other types of meat produced elsewhere in South America. Brazilian producers have also developed a reputation for excellence when it comes to marbling and flavor profile of their beef cuts, making them great option for any buyer looking for premium quality supplies from this region. Through Torg's platform buyers can easily find reliable Brazilian suppliers that offer these specialties at competitive prices.
  4. Australia: Australia is famous for offering a huge variety of different meats including high quality lamb, pork and poultry but they also produce great supplies of fresh organic beef as well as grass fed products perfect for those looking into sustainable practices or healthier options. With its vast landmass full with lush pastures where cows roam freely Australia provides ample opportunities to source delicious steaks from all sorts of breeds like Angus or Hereford while providing buyers access through Torg's platform with reliable suppliers from all over the continent ready to meet their needs at competitive prices.

Buying Trends For Beef

  1. Global Expansion: Over the past decade, the global beef market has seen a steady growth in demand due to rising incomes and increased health awareness. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the fastest growing market for beef, driven by increasing demand from China, Japan and South Korea. In Europe, Spain has emerged as a major producer and supplier of high quality beef to other European countries. Furthermore, the US remains a major supplier of premium grade products across all markets.
  2. Private Label Brands: Private label brands have been gaining traction in recent years due to their lower price points and convenience. As such, private labels are increasingly being used by retailers to gain more customers and increase sales volume. B2b sourcing from Torg is a feasible option for companies seeking to reduce costs while still producing top-notch products that meet consumer expectations in terms of taste and nutritional value.