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stritzinger import-export gmbh logo
Stritzinger import-export gmbh
Products: Frozen food and ice cream products Frozen meat Frozen meat products Frozen poultry products Other frozen meat Frozen fish and seafood Frozen fish products Frozen ready-meals Frozen snacks/Finger food Forzen meat-based ready-meals Other frozen ready-meals Ice cream Other ice products Meat, sausage, game and poultry Meat (unprocessed) Poultry Lamb and goat Game Meat products Other meat products Meat-based convenience products Other meat-based convenience products Product sector: Frozen Food Outbound: Germany, Cologne │ Anuga
Frozen seafood
Frozen french fries
Processed meat
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Austria Edt am Stömerberg 2, 4673 Edt am Stömerberg, Austria - Edt am Stömerberg
Certificates: All
raspini spa logo
Raspini spa
The history of the Raspini family in the production of cured meats began in 1946 with a small workshop in Piedmont, at the foot of Monviso. Remaining true to its roots over the years, the entrepreneurial activity has grown. Industrial spaces have been expanded, and the product offering has been diversified to meet emerging needs and consumption occasions. Today, Raspini comprises three production facilities located in northern Italy: Raspini Salumi and Rosa Prosciutti in Piedmont, and Prosciuttificio San Giacomo in Parma. The company offers a wide range of products, from classic and traditional ones like Prosciutto di Parma, Prosciutto Cotto, Mortadella, just to name a few, to a very interesting range of gourmet specialties and niche products, both in bulk and sliced forms. Our philosophy, then as now, is expressed every day in the manual work of experts, adding new distinctive features such as safety, freshness, and quality to craftsmanship. Our strong connection with the territory and the gastronomic culture of Piedmont has made the innovation process undertaken over the years more solid and distinctive. Today, we combine the savoir-faire in the production of typical products from our region with the most modern technologies for our sliced meats. We offer, in addition to goodness, all the convenience and safety of tray-packaged products. The Piedmont of Raspini is open to all those who seek a true taste experience combined with a special focus on practicality and ease of use.
Cooked ham choice
Cured meat
Processed meat
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Italy . - viotto
Certificates: All
clai sca logo
Clai sca
From fields to table, Clai follows the goodness throughout the production process. Purchase 100 Italian salami products with a wide range including Salami, Prosciuttos, Cheeses, and more. Embrace quality and tradition with our controlled supply chain and slow maturation process. Join the Clai community for updates, promotions, and a 10 discount on your next purchase. Explore the flavors of Clai and indulge in their sustainable and delicious products!
Cured meat
Parma ham
Beef salami
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Italy . - .
Certificates: All
luiten food b.v. logo
Luiten food b.v.
Luiten Food is a family company specializing in importing and exporting a wide range of products including beef, lamb, wild game, seafood, Iberian products, and poultry. With a history dating back to 1938, their selection has expanded to include products from around the world, catering to wholesalers, supermarkets, and more in over 35 countries. Committed to quality, they visit farms personally to ensure high standards of animal welfare, certification, and traceability. Luiten Food proudly carries certifications like Better Life, Organic, MSC, ASC, and Vlabel, emphasizing their dedication to quality. Contact them to discover their diverse assortment and benefit from their expertise in the industry.
Frozen fish
Fish food
Meat substitute
Rabbit meat
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Netherlands Klaverblad 11 - leidschendam
Certificates: All

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Fssc 22000

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