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Take a snapshot of your tantalizingly tasty sliced bacon products, perfectly crispy and full of flavor. Show off the various options for sourcing b2b wholesale suppliers on Torg's platform, highlighting how our marketplace connects buyers with top quality products from Spain, Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean region. Capture the essence of private label possibilities with Torg as you showcase different types of sliced bacon offerings.

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Packaging Options

  1. Bulk Packaging:
    Our sliced bacon comes in various packaging options to meet the needs of our b2b buyers. We offer bulk packaging for those looking to stock up on this popular protein source. For those looking for convenience, we have individual portion-sized packs perfect for grab-and-go meals or meal prep services. Private label packaging is also available for businesses looking to add their own branding to our high-quality sliced bacon. Our suppliers are located all over Europe and the Mediterranean region, ensuring a wide range of sourcing options for our customers.
  2. Vacuum-Sealed Bags:
    For those seeking a more traditional approach, we offer sliced bacon packaged in vacuum-sealed bags. This method helps preserve freshness and allows for longer shelf life. Our suppliers in Spain and Italy provide high-quality sliced bacon that's ready for wholesale distribution in this packaging option. Whether it's used as an ingredient or served on its own, you can trust our sourcing methods to bring you top-notch products.
  3. Pre-Cooked Frozen Blocks:
    For restaurants and food service providers, we also offer pre-cooked sliced bacon that’s packed in frozen blocks. This allows for easier storage and portion control when preparing dishes with this protein-rich ingredient. Our private label option is also available for businesses wanting to showcase their brand while using our reliable sourcing methods from trusted suppliers across Europe.

Enhance Your Culinary Delights with Sliced Bacon

  1. Start Your Day Right with Sliced Bacon from Spain:
    Elevate your breakfast experience with juicy and flavorful slices of bacon from our trusted b2b suppliers in Spain. Perfect for a classic eggs and bacon dish or to add some extra crunch to your morning sandwich. Our sourcing process guarantees top quality products that will satisfy even the most demanding taste buds. As a wholesale buyer, you can also take advantage of our competitive prices and private label options for your own brand. Order now and give your customers the bacon they deserve!
  2. Unleash Your Inner Chef with Sliced Bacon from Italy:
    Looking for a savory ingredient to level up your pasta dishes? Look no further than our selection of sliced bacon sourced directly from Italy. With its rich flavor profile, it's perfect for adding depth to creamy carbonara or deliciously salty amatriciana sauces. As a Torg supplier, we guarantee fast and reliable delivery of this Mediterranean staple in bulk quantities fit for any restaurant or food business needs. Don't miss out on bringing authentic Italian cuisine to your menu!
  3. The Versatile Ingredient You Need - Sliced Bacon from Europe:
    Craving something crispy and indulgent? Our b2b suppliers across Europe have got you covered with their premium sliced bacon offerings. Whether you're making an all-American BLT sandwich or looking for that perfect balance of sweet and salty in a maple-glazed bacon dish, our sourcing process ensures only the best quality products make it to your kitchen. Buy in bulk at wholesale prices and impress your guests with the ultimate comfort food.

Buying Trends Headline

  1. Short Term Sales Trend:
    Sliced bacon is a popular meat product that has been sought after for decades. In the short term, sales of sliced bacon have seen an increase in demand due to its versatility and convenience for consumers. The rise of fast-food chains and the growing trend of breakfast sandwiches have also contributed to the growth in sales. In recent years, there has been a shift towards healthier options, leading to an increase in sales for turkey or chicken sliced bacon. As more people become health-conscious, this trend is expected to continue.
  2. Long Term Sales Trend:
    Over the last few decades, sliced bacon has maintained its spot as a staple in many households across Europe and North America. However, there has been a noticeable shift towards private label brands over traditional brand names due to cost savings without compromising quality. Suppliers in Spain and Italy have capitalized on their reputation for producing high-quality cured meats and are now major players in the global market. With increasing opportunities for sourcing from different regions, buyers can expect a wide range of options at competitive prices.

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