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Are you looking for an experienced supplier of salami? Look no further than Torg, the premier b2b food products marketplace. Our selection includes all types of salami from Spain, Italy and other Mediterranean countries. Whether you are looking for a wholesaler or a private label supplier, we've got you covered!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is salami?

Salami is a type of cured sausage, usually made of pork, beef or veal. It comes in many varieties and can have different flavorings such as herbs, spices and garlic added to it. It is commonly used in sandwiches, pizzas, pasta dishes and salads. In the B2B market, Torg can help businesses find reliable suppliers of salami from Europe and the Mediterranean region at competitive prices.

Where should I source salami?

When looking for a supplier of salami for their business needs, buyers should consider sourcing from the European or Mediterranean region where quality products are typically produced. By using Torg’s platform buyers can easily compare pricing and quality between different suppliers to make sure they get the best product possible at a good price.

What types of salami are available?

Salami comes in many different varieties with unique flavors based on what ingredients are used to make them such as herbs, garlic and spices. Depending on what type of salami you are looking for you may need to source from multiple suppliers with specialized expertise in making that particular variety. With Torg you can quickly find suitable suppliers who specialize in making your desired type of salami.

Where do I find private label/custom branded salamis?

If you are looking for private label or custom branded products then sourcing directly from manufacturer's is often the best option as they will be able to tailor their production process according to your specific requirements while offering competitive pricing due to bulk discounts. Torg makes it easy by allowing buyers to search through their extensive database of manufacturers and compare prices before making any decisions.

How do I find wholesale suppliers for purchasing bulk quantities?

Finding wholesale supplier's for purchasing large quantities of salamis at discounted rates can be difficult especially if you're unfamiliar with current market prices or don't know which regions offer better deals than others. Luckily Torg has access to an extensive network of trusted wholesalers across Europe and the Mediterranean which means buyers can quickly locate reliable suppliers who offer competitive pricing without having to conduct long searches themselves.

Delicious Salami Recipes For Everyone!

  1. Adding To Pizzas And Pastas: Salami is a highly versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes. It's perfect for adding to pizzas and pastas, as well as making delicious sandwiches. Salami also works great when combined with other flavours, such as olives, feta cheese, or roasted vegetables. If you're looking for something more adventurous, why not try adding salami to your pasta salad or stir fry? With its unique taste and texture, it's sure to make your meal stand out.
  2. Perfect Snack Food: Salami is the perfect snack food - it's packed full of flavour and is surprisingly filling. Whether you're looking for something savoury or sweet, there are plenty of ways to enjoy salami. Try thinly slicing it and topping it with cheese and pickles for a tasty sandwich; serve slices on crackers alongside some fresh fruits; or simply enjoy a few slices on their own alongside a glass of wine!
  3. Easy Antipasti Platter: Craving something light but still want to enjoy the delicious taste of salami? Make an easy antipasti platter by combining thin slices of salami with cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, olives, capers and feta cheese. Drizzle over some extra virgin olive oil and add freshly cracked black pepper if desired. This colourful dish will make an impressive addition to any dinner party spread!

  1. Rising Demand: In the past decade, salami has become an increasingly popular protein choice among consumers. This is due to the easy availability and versatility of salami products. Salami can be used in a variety of ways, from being served as part of a meat platter, to being used as a topping on pizzas and sandwiches. The demand for salami has increased steadily over the years, particularly in Europe and the Mediterranean countries where it has traditionally been consumed. Moreover, b2b suppliers are now increasingly providing wholesale and private label salami products to cater to an ever-growing customer base.
  2. Widening Variety: With advancements in food technology, producers have been able to add new flavors and varieties of salami at a rapid pace. This increasing variation in terms of taste, texture and shape has further pushed up the demand for salami from all kinds of buyers around the world. Furthermore, rising health consciousness amongst customers has added fuel to this fire with many opting for healthier options such as low fat or organic versions of traditional varieties.