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Roast chicken is a classic meal enjoyed around the world. At Torg, we connect buyers to suppliers that offer wholesale sourcing of quality roast chicken products. Whether you need it fresh or frozen, whole or in parts, our b2b marketplace has a vast selection for your business needs. Our private label options also allow you to customize your product offerings and stand out in the market. With top suppliers located in Spain, Italy and throughout Europe and the Mediterranean region, finding the perfect roast chicken products has never been easier.

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Roast chicken with herbs and spices, perfectly cooked and ready to be enjoyed by everyone. The chicken is sourced from the best b2b suppliers in Europe, ensuring the highest quality for your wholesale needs. Choose Torg for all your private label sourcing needs!

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Dominos pizza - gennevilliers
Order your pizzas online for delivery or takeaway from your nearest Domino's pizzeria and enjoy them with family or friends. Domino's Pizza offers delivery and takeaway services, online ordering, a variety of promotions, loyalty program, and a diverse menu including burgers, pizzas, salads, and more. *Halal options available.
Mutton merguez
Roast chicken
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Certificates: All
Forrester (Sales) Ltd logo
Forrester (sales) ltd
Forrester Sales Limited, a family-owned business since 1972, is a leading supplier of poultry products to the food industry. Their dedication to innovation, sustainability, and taste is at the core of their operations. With a focus on providing ethically and responsibly sourced products, they ensure delicious offerings without compromising animal welfare or the environment. Forrester's commitment to quality and innovation has earned them a stellar reputation in the industry, making them a trusted choice for renowned food service businesses. Through their British Red Tractor certification and stringent food safety practices, they guarantee the highest quality products for their customers year after year.
Roast chicken
United Kingdom Mill Lane Kingsley - Nr Frodsham
Certificates: All
Freddy Hirsch Group logo
Freddy hirsch group
Freddy Hirsch is a family business with over six decades of experience in the industry. They innovate to provide customers with the best value without compromising quality. With a legacy of flavor and a range of products including spices, seasonings, casings, and butcher equipment, Freddy Hirsch is a leading supplier since 1956. Their patented plant-based alginate sausage casings offer a genuine competitive advantage. Additionally, they offer delicious and easy-to-make meal options to make family holidays stress-free and enjoyable. Customers can find a variety of high-quality butchery supplies, equipment, and pure spices to meet their needs.
Roast chicken
Vegetarian vienna sausages
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South Africa 5 Chain avenue, Montague Gardens - Cape Town
Certificates: All
PILJAN KOMERC d.o.o. logo
Piljan komerc d.o.o.
Piljan Komerc is a company specializing in the production, trade, and transport of a wide range of fresh food products. With over 20 retail locations and a commitment to quality, they offer a variety of products such as fresh meat, sausages, smoked goods, and more. Their traditional recipes combined with modern technological processes ensure topnotch quality and ecofriendly products. With over 20,000 satisfied customers and partnerships with numerous businesses, Piljan Komerc prides itself on providing global standard food products. Contact them for more information or visit one of their stores.
Pork salami
Roast chicken
Chicken breast
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Serbia Braće Gavrajić 43, 11275 Boljevci, Serbia - Boljevci
Certificates: All

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