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If you are looking for a reliable b2b supplier of quality Poultry products, then look no further than Torg. We offer an extensive selection of poultry sourced from farmers and producers all over Europe, the Mediterranean, and even beyond. Get access to private label options and competitive pricing when you shop with us online today!

Capture the beauty of poultry with a photo of fresh poultry on display at a local market or shop. Show how varied and diverse the selection can be - from chicken, to eggs, to duck and more. Use colors, shapes, and textures that convey the flavors and aromas of this delicious ingredient.

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Packaging Options

  1. Bulk Pack: Bulk packs are an ideal solution for b2b customers who require large quantities of products. It can also be a cost-saving option, as suppliers will often offer discounts when larger amounts of product are purchased. This type of packaging is popular amongst catering companies and food distributors as it allows them to purchase the necessary amount of poultry all at once.
  2. Pre-Portioned Pack: Pre-portioned packs provide a convenient way for buyers who know exactly how much poultry they need for their business. They reduce the waste that may occur by purchasing too much product, and this type of packaging is particularly useful for restaurants and cafes that require exact quantities. It’s also suitable for buyers who want to manage their stock more effectively, as they can easily keep track of how much poultry they have on hand.
  3. Customized Pack: For those companies looking for private label options, customized packaging is the way to go. Buyers can design their own labels with their company’s logo or message, which provides an effective way to spread brand awareness and create customer loyalty. Customized packaging is also great for retailers looking to differentiate themselves from other competitors in the market.

Supply Chain Issues in Poultry Industry

  1. Avian Flu Outbreak: The avian flu is an infectious disease caused by different types of influenza viruses. It affects birds, including chickens, ducks, and geese. Outbreaks of avian flu can lead to large losses for poultry producers and disrupt supply chains. In 2017-2018, there was a global outbreak of bird flu that affected commercial poultry flocks in Europe and Asia.
  2. Food Safety Concerns: Food safety has become a top concern for consumers when it comes to buying poultry products, especially from b2b suppliers. Consumers are increasingly more aware of the risks associated with consuming processed meat and poultry products due to the presence of harmful bacteria or other contaminants. This has resulted in increased scrutiny for suppliers sourcing from overseas markets, particularly in developing countries where food safety regulations may not be as stringent as those in developed countries such as Spain or Italy.
  3. Export Restrictions: Many countries have implemented export restrictions on certain types of poultry products due to health concerns or animal welfare regulations. These restrictions can have a significant impact on the availability of these products on Torg's marketplace as well as their overall cost. For example, some European nations have imposed bans on exporting live chickens due to concerns over animal welfare conditions during transportation.