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Steinemann Holding GmbH & Co. KG logo
Steinemann holding gmbh & co. kg
Products: Meat, sausage, game and poultry Meat (unprocessed) Pork Beef Meat products Other raw sausage Liverwurst Black pudding Other cooked sausage Other boiled sausage Bacon Meat-based convenience products Other meat-based convenience products Product sector: Meat Target and outlet markets: China Germany Northern Europe Southern Europe Western Europe
Black pudding
Beef meat balls
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Germany Honkomper Weg 7, 49439 Steinfeld (Oldenburg), Germany - Steinfeld (Oldenburg)
Certificates: All
Ter Haar Worstenmakerij logo
Ter haar worstenmakerij
Ter Haar Worstmakerij in Musselkanaal specializes in crafting flavorful sausages with a traditional touch. They offer a variety of products such as dry sausages, fresh sausages, liver sausage, and even grilled sausage. Customers can also request custom recipes. Using high-quality ingredients with an official EG number, their sausages maintain an artisanal appearance while being produced with modern equipment since their establishment in 1974. For unique sausage creations or inquiries, Ter Haar Worstmakerij welcomes all questions and requests.
Dry sausage
Dry sausage pure pork
Liver sausages
Netherlands Schoolkade 176 - Musselkanaal
Certificates: All
Hans Adler OHG logo
Hans adler ohg
Products: Fresh convenience food, fresh delicatessen, fish, fruit & vegetables Speciality salads Meat salads Fresh ready-meals Chilled snacks, Finger food Meat, sausage, game and poultry Meat products Salami Other raw sausage Liverwurst Black pudding Other cooked sausage Pork sausage Other boiled sausage Uncooked ham Cooked ham Smoked products Bacon Other meat products Preserves containing meat Sausage preserves Meat-based convenience products Ready-meals with meat Product sector: Meat Trend subjects: Gourmet & Specialty Food private label Distribution channels: Products (Manufacturer's brand) for the food wholesale and retail trade Target and outlet markets: Germany Northern Europe Others Eastern Europe Southern Europe USA Western Europe Outbound: Germany, Cologne │ Anuga Special shows: Deutscher Firmengemeinschaftsstand
Cooked ham choice
Meals with meat
Beef salami
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Germany Am Lindenbuck 3, 79848 Bonndorf im Schwarzwald, Germany - Bonndorf im Schwarzwald
Certificates: All
Darmhandels-AG logo
Welcome to the world of Darmhandels-AG, your competent partner for all types of casings. We offer a variety of natural casings like sheep casings for various sausages, pig casings for smoked sausages, beef casings for a range of sausages, and horse casings for salami. Our artificial casings include collagen, cellulose, and plastic casings for different types of sausages. Additionally, we provide vacuum bags and shrink bags in custom sizes with exceptional clarity for superior product presentation. With a focus on high service standards and quality, we aim for your shopping experience to be a joyful one. Quality is always our top priority, ensuring long-term success for both parties. Contact us at Darmhandels-AG for your casing needs!
Beef salami
Sautéed black pudding
Dry sausage pure pork
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Switzerland Industriestrasse 15 - St. Gallen
Certificates: All

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