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If you are looking for a reliable supplier of fresh chicken products, you have come to the right place. At Torg, we provide a wide range of wholesale fresh chicken, sourced from trusted suppliers located in many parts of Europe and the Mediterranean region. Our selection includes everything from organic free-range chickens to frozen ready-made meals. With our platform, buyers can easily find their desired product by searching through categories or by submitting product requests. We guarantee fast delivery and unbeatable prices while ensuring high-quality standards for all our products.

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Buying Trends for Fresh Chicken

  1. Increasing Demand: In the past few decades, the demand for fresh chicken has seen an increasing trend worldwide, as it is a popular meat option for many different dishes in both home and commercial cooking. Many countries have seen significant growth in consumption, especially those in Europe, the Mediterranean, and North America. The popularity of fresh chicken is also linked to health benefits such as being low-fat and providing key vitamins and minerals.
  2. Seasonal Trends: As with any food product, there are always seasonal trends when it comes to buying fresh chicken. During certain holidays such as Easter or Christmas, sales tend to increase significantly due to increased demand from home cooks looking to create special meals or for restaurants needing additional inventory for larger gatherings of customers. Additionally, during summer months there is often a decrease in sales of fresh chicken due to other more popular BBQ options.

Recent Supply Chain Issues for Fresh Chicken

  1. Avian Flu: The global market for chicken has been drastically affected by the avian flu since 2003. This virus, which originated in Southeast Asia, can be spread through contact with an infected bird or its feces, and can result in the death of infected birds. The outbreaks have caused dramatic price fluctuations and a shortage of supply in many parts of the world.
  2. Fowl Plague: In 2014, Europe experienced a large egg shortage due to a disease known as Fowl Plague. This highly contagious bird virus spread quickly throughout farms in several countries, leading to massive culling of chickens and eggs being pulled from stores. Prices rose dramatically as farms limited their output to prevent further spread of the disease.
  3. EU Ban on Poultry Exports: In 2019, Spain was hit with an EU ban on poultry exports due to avian flu outbreaks in some areas of the country. This led to a sharp drop in demand for Spanish chicken products and decreased exports which had a severe effect on farmers’ incomes and local markets across Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Torg help me purchase fresh chicken?

Purchasing fresh chicken from a reliable supplier can be difficult, but Torg is here to help. Its b2b marketplace allows buyers to find the perfect supplier quickly and easily, whatever their needs may be. From sourcing wholesale products to private label options, Torg has all your fresh chicken needs covered.

What type of fresh chicken do suppliers list on Torg?

Torg offers a wide variety of fresh chicken products from suppliers around the world, including Europe, Mediterranean, and other regions. Whether you are looking for organic, free range or just regular fresh chicken products, you will find an extensive selection in the Torg marketplace.

Are the suppliers on Torg trustworthy?

Each supplier listed in the Torg platform is carefully selected to make sure buyers get only high quality products. All suppliers have been vetted by experts to ensure they meet strict standards when it comes to product quality and safety.

Can I get a good price when purchasing fresh chicken through Torg?

With its vast network of b2b connections across many countries and regions worldwide, it's easy for buyers to find competitive prices for fresh chicken on the Torg marketplace. Thanks to its unique algorithm that searches thousands of listings in seconds, buyers can save time and money while still getting exactly what they need.

Is it easy to compare different options when buying fresh chicken through Torg?

Yes! When purchasing through Torg you will benefit from a streamlined user experience that allows you to compare different product offerings quickly and accurately without having to jump back and forth between multiple websites or contact suppliers directly . Additionally, as a buyer on the platform you get access special discounts and other deals offered by our partners.