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If you're looking for cured ham of the highest quality and taste, look no further as Torg offers a wide selection of suppliers from all across Europe. With our extensive product database, you will be able to find the perfect cured ham supplier to meet your needs, whether it's through sourcing, private labeling or wholesale. Enjoy a variety of flavors and styles from Spain, Italy, Mediterranean countries and beyond!

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Cured Ham Supplier Sources in Key Locations

  1. Spain: Spain is one of the most important countries for Cured Ham production due to its favourable climate, top quality ingredients and centuries of expertise. Spanish suppliers offer a variety of different flavors and types of ham that appeal to customers from all over the world. Torg offers buyers the opportunity to source from these suppliers directly, with access to their competitive pricing, extensive product selection and reliable delivery services.
  2. Italy: Italy has been producing cured meats for centuries and is renowned in the food industry for its delicious salami and prosciutto varieties. Italian suppliers have mastered both traditional curing methods as well as more modern techniques in order to create products that are perfect for any occasion. Through Torg, global buyers can connect with Italian producers who are able to provide them with high quality products at wholesale prices.
  3. Mediterranean: The Mediterranean region is known for its diversity in cuisine, including a range of cured meat products. With a combination of cultural influences and excellent natural ingredients, Mediterranean producers have created unique hams that have been enjoyed across Europe for generations. Torg allows businesses worldwide to access these regional delicacies through reliable sourcing partners who can provide them with the highest quality goods at competitive rates.
  4. Germany: Germany is renowned for its pork based sausages but also produces an array of cured hams made from both pigs or wild boar. German producers are known for their commitment to creating high quality products combined with innovative techniques which result in a variety of delicious hams that can be found throughout Europe. Buyers looking to purchase these items at wholesale prices can take advantage of Torg’s network which connects them directly with German suppliers so they can source what they need quickly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cured Ham?

Cured Ham is a type of processed meat product that typically is made from pork and/or beef, although other meats, such as chicken or lamb, can be used. The curing process involves salting the meat for an extended period of time to draw out moisture and enhance flavor. It is then smoked or air dried until it reaches the desired texture and flavor. Cured Ham products are widely available across Europe, Mediterranean countries as well as in Spain and Italy. B2B buyers looking to source quality suppliers of Cured Ham should consider Torg - a b2b marketplace where you can find relevant suppliers fast and wholesale options for sourcing these products with ease.

What are private label solutions for Cured Ham?

Many businesses look for private label solutions when it comes to their food purchasing needs. Private Label refers to buying pre-existing products from a manufacturer or supplier and then packaging them under your own label. When looking for private label solutions with regards to Cured Ham, it’s important to make sure that you’re partnering with a reliable supplier who produces quality products that meet all safety standards. Torg helps b2b purchasers find reliable sellers offering high quality private label options when it comes to sourcing Cured Ham.

Where can I find quality cured ham supplies?

When searching on Torg for suppliers of Cured Ham, buyers have access to large selection of all types of cured ham products from global suppliers allowing them to find exactly what they need quickly at competitive prices. With its wide network of trusted partners around the globe, Torg makes sourcing specific cured ham easier than ever before – enabling companies to get quotes from multiple suppliers all in one go!

Is there any sampling option available when sourcing cured ham?

Yes! For those who may not know exactly what they’re looking for yet when it comes to finding Cured Ham supplies, sampling options are available on Torg which allow b2b buyers access sample collections curated by our team so they can easily discover new products fitting their exact criteria without having any prior knowledge about the market or extensive research into different vendors required.

Are there any exclusive discounts offered when procuring cured ham through Torg?

When sourcing cured ham supplies through Torg customers gain access exclusive offers from our trusted partners around the world including discounts on bulk orders and special prices depending on customer requirements such as delivery location or quantity purchased! Plus with its easy messaging system built into the platform customers can easily communicate directly with suppliers in order create customized deals tailored specifically towards their business needs!

Packaging Options

  1. Vacuum Packing: Vacuum packing is a great packaging option for Cured Ham as it helps to extend its shelf life and keeps the product safe from unwanted microorganisms. It also helps to preserve the flavour of the Cured Ham while allowing buyers from all over the world to buy in bulk, making it an ideal packaging solution for b2b buyers.
  2. Tin Cans: Tin cans are a great way to package Cured Ham due to their durability as well as their ability to maintain temperature levels when shipping products overseas. They can also be used for food storage and are easily stackable, making them an ideal choice for b2b suppliers who need efficient ways of packaging and storing products.
  3. Cardboard Boxes: Cardboard boxes offer a convenient solution for b2b buyers looking for efficient ways of packaging and shipping Cured Ham. These boxes are lightweight, sturdy, recyclable and can be customised with logos or labels, which makes them perfect for businesses looking to build up brand recognition.