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Looking for the perfect chicken sausages? Look no further! Torg has a vast selection of wholesale chicken sausages from top suppliers in Spain and Italy. With Torg, you can easily find your preferred b2b supplier and private label options. Whether you're sourcing for your Mediterranean restaurant or European grocery store, Torg has you covered. Don't miss out on our delicious chicken sausages, packed with flavor and quality ingredients.

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Ha li fa pte ltd.
ha li fa bobo is a manufacturer in Singapore and Malaysia specialized in fish balls, fish cakes, meatballs, surimi products, and chicken sausages. They offer a fantastic range of Bobolicious treats made with the highest grade fish, bringing great taste and exciting varieties to turn every meal into a delightful experience. Celebrate big and small events with their delicious treats made with love, spreading warmth, joyous cheer, and endless laughter. Contact them for orders and inquiries.
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Singapore 257/259 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128434 - Pandan Loop
Certificates: All
abalioglu yem soya ve tekstil sanayi a.s. logo
Abalioglu yem soya ve tekstil sanayi a.s.
The road story of the Abalıoğlu Group, which started in 1969 as “Turkey's first private feed producer” with the initiatives of its founder Orhan Abalıoğlu, has left 50 years behind. Abalıoğlu Group, which has achieved sustainable growth with its investments on the way out of Denizli, is proud of being one of the leading industrial companies of our country in the feed and food sectors, which form the infrastructure of agriculture-livestock breeding. Abalıoğlu Group, which has been maintaining the spirit of industrialism and entrepreneurship for 50 years with the excitement of the first day, working with all its strength to produce more value in labor-intensive sectors, and making continuous investments to reach the better; Abalım Yem is taking strong steps towards the future in the fields in which it operates with the brands Lezita and Lezita Balık. With the responsibility of being a half-century old company, it is not content with only producing value in the field of industry; Abalıoğlu Group, which has also made investments in the field of education with the aim of supporting the future and social development of Turkey, has the honor of providing education to our children, who are the future of our country, with the schools it has brought to education. Abalıoğlu Group, which makes a great contribution to the country's economy with its production facilities, hundreds of employees and business partners operating in many cities of our country; It is an industrial community that constantly develops with its investments, produces for Turkey, works for Turkey, and grows with Turkey.
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Certificates: All
Kotivara Oy logo
Kotivara oy
Kotivara offers a wide range of high-quality meat products, including various types of meetvursti and salami. Their products are carefully crafted with attention to detail in meat selection, seasoning, cooking, and cold smoking. From traditional flavors to new taste options, Kotivara ensures delicious options for all meat lovers. Discover their tasty offerings at Kotivara's 80th-anniversary celebrations!
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Finland Voudintie 7 - Oulu
Certificates: All
Amalgam Frozen Foods (P) Ltd logo
Amalgam frozen foods (p) ltd
Buffet Frozen Foods offers a wide range of frozen ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat products, including Indian breads, seafood, meats, sausages, vegetables, and speciality Indian foods. With a focus on quality ingredients, they provide a variety of options such as paratha, naan, snacks, imported French breads, seafood, processed meat, raw meats, and microwavable meals. Their extensive product line caters to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences. Established by the Amalgam Group with 30 years of experience in the frozen food industry, Buffet Frozen Foods ensures frozen freshness for anytime snacks.
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India Aroor Mukkam, Aroor P.O, Alappuzha, Kerala, PIN-688534, India. - Alappuzha
Certificates: All

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