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A classic and savory poultry broth in a rustic ceramic bowl, perfect for adding flavor to your dishes.

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Firma Drobiarska Sp. z o.o. logo
Firma drobiarska sp. z o.o.
farm specializing in the production of poultry meat. They export products worldwide. They offer, among others, broiler chickens and breast fillets. Poultry company offering wholesale meat. Chicken meat products.Specializes in the production and export of poultry meat products such as broiler chickens and breast fillets. They guarantee timely deliveries and consistent product quality to customers, while offering fair prices and good cooperation conditions to suppliers.
Poultry broth
Poultry minced meat
Beef broth
Poland ul. Olszowa 56 - Strzegom
Certificates: All
Prestige Foods Australia Pty Ltd logo
Prestige foods australia pty ltd
Prestige Foods Australia creates a premium range of traditional stocks, sauces, broths, grains, and pulses with rich flavor and natural ingredients. They prioritize quality in every batch, using traditional simmering methods and the freshest ingredients. Since 1990, they have been focused on developing products for food service, retail, and food manufacturing industries, believing in the importance of a quality foundation for every dish. Their dedicated team strives to deliver the finest range of products to customers in Australia and beyond, with a commitment to excellence in taste and sourcing.
White kidney beans
Veal stock
Dried red kidney beans
See all
Australia 20 - 24 Braeside Drive - Braeside VIC
Certificates: All
Trofotechniki logo
Trofotechniki S.A. was founded in 1987 in Thessaloniki and has been successfully active in the food industry through the production of food enhancers and additives, mass catering products, dehydrated vegetables and aromatic plants, traditional products and food supplements.
Fruit jelly
Hot sauces
Melon jams
Strawberry jam
See all
Greece Industrial Area of Sindos - Thessaloniki
Certificates: All
P.P.H.U. GOMAK Sp z o.o. logo
P.p.h.u. gomak sp z o.o.
Gomak is a poultry slaughterhouse specializing in broiler chicken slaughter, offering a range of products such as fresh chicken, chicken carcass, chicken giblets, and chicken parts. Their top-quality chicken products are renowned for their HACCP and BRC-certified quality management system, ensuring fresh and premium meat based on a reliable raw material base. With advanced quality systems and modern production lines, Gomak prioritizes the highest standards in safety, quality, and taste for consumers worldwide. Their central location in Europe allows for efficient distribution, making them a reliable partner in providing only the freshest and top-quality poultry products.
Poultry broth
Fresh chicken
Chicken wings
Chicken liver
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Poland ul. Sportowa 23 - Godzianów
Certificates: All

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